9/21/2009 Update:

I haven’t eaten at Pita Grill (324 Washington St.) since reviewing the place three years ago…

Updated Menu – plus any updates?

Recently – these new menus were stuffed all over town, in mailboxes, stoops, etc. I noticed the “Stimulus” on the front of the menu – and it made me take a look inside.

What do you think:

  • Of their so-called “Stimulus?”
  • Their food (If you’ve eaten there in the past couple months)?


7/29/2006 Review:

Many folks seem to have some issues with this place. We went to find out what the deal was.


Description – Restaurant – Healthy low fat food. See menu on website. Entrée price range $6-$11.
Services – Soups, Burgers, Salads, Entrée, Sandwiches, Falafel, Hummus, Babaganoush,. Free Delivery ($7 in Hoboken)
Website – www.pitagrill07030.geomerx.com
Address – 324 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-217-9777, Fax – 201-217-9778

(Photo taken September 2010)

July 2006

After seeing the complaints from readers about service, value and food quality, I was very curious to check it out for myself. I’ve also heard some good things from people as well.

I dragged a friend who insisted on never going there again to have lunch with me. We sat inside because it was very hot and humid out.

Upon arrival the place was relatively empty, with the two girls working there chatting with an HPU worker. Our waitress was more concerned with senseless gabber than she was with getting our menus.

She strolls over and takes our drink order. A few minutes later we get our drinks and are ready to place a simple order. I ordered the roasted chicken BLT and my friend gets the grilled vegetables and goat cheese sandwich. We order a side of sweet potato fries too. Not complicated right? A few minutes later the waitress comes back to ask me again what I ordered. Was it the tuscan chicken? NO. Was it the grilled chicken and mozzarella? NO. IT WAS THE ROASTED CHICKEN BLT!! What is wrong with you? If the girl cannot seem to remember three items in a place where she works every day, WHY NOT BRING A NOTE PAD WITH YOU? Imagine if it were a table of 4 or more? No excuse for such a dumb mistake.

Anyway, the food arrives 15 minutes after we place the order.

The roasted chicken BLT was basically two slices of seven grain bread, very little amount of pulled chicken breast, a slice of lettuce, two slices of tomatoes, and two extremely skimpy slices of bacon. $8.00 for that? No sides either. I have to agree with the other posters that the place is NOT a good value. But the sandwich DID taste very good, although small. And no food poisoning either.
pita grill chicken BLT sand.JPG

My friend had no complaints about the roasted vegetable sandwich either. To her surprise, when she ordered it without the olive spread, they actually didn’t put the olive spread on! Lo Behold!

The sweet potato fries were delicious, and a fair value at $4.50 for a plate two people could share. No issues with these.pita grill sweet fries.JPG

While the food was OK and other items on the menu look tempting, it’s going to be hard to “want” to go back there anytime soon. Plus the hired help there was kind of weak. Some people are just not meant to be waiters or waitresses. Ours just lacked personality and was very insincere with her mannerisms. When you work in a service industry it’s a win-win situation NOT to have an obviously snotty attitude when dealing with others. Your customers will feel better, and you’ll most likely get better tips. But then again, this was just one waitress, and I cannot speak about the rest of the employees there. You never know.

We’ll try the delivery one time too, to see if they screw an order up as others have indicated.

Original Photo from 2006