It’s Greek To Me

1/13/2010 Update:

More late night dining options!

Good news for us midnight owls!

Recently, It’s Greek to Me (538 Washington Street) expanded their weekend hours – now open till 4am on Fridays and Saturdays – with delivery!

I hope to see this trend continue in Hoboken!

its greek to me hoboken nj late night dining hours

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I’ve always enjoyed the food at It’s Greek to Me. Many concur that the prices are relatively steep, but worth it.

However, one Hoboken411 reader was wholesomely disappointed with a seafood dish and shares her sentiments:


I’ve NEVER done this before and hope not to make a practice of it, but I had to share with you/your readers a rather dissapointing experience I had tonight with the restaurant “It’s Greek to Me.”

Sadly, tonight I made the decision to get the “Grilled Seafood” entree which cost me $19.95. I ended up with a plate of 3 miniscule shrimp,
4 pieces of rubbery calamari and 1 mushy piece of octopus. On the bright side, I did get a TON of rice and a large pepper. Having order over $50 of food on this single occassion I decided to call and voice my dissapointment.

The woman who answered the phone was pleasant but the man she spoke with (Mohammed) was less than sympathetic and I was left to gnaw on my meal.

Just a warning to the Hoboken411 readers who frequent this establishment. This is what a $20 Grilled Seafood entree looks like!”


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Description – Greek restaurant. Casual cafe atmosphere. Entree price range approx. $6-$15.
Services – Greek cuisine, three cheese pizza, pita, souvlaki, peinirli, soup…
Website –
Address –
538 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-216-1888, Fax – 201-216-1883

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November 2006

This review was written after 3:00am, so please excuse any errors.
What a beautiful 70 degree day to sit outside and enjoy the food of It’s Greek To Me.

It’s always been a favorite of mine, since going to the Fort Lee location over 15 years ago. So why not verify that the Hoboken location serves up the same delicious concoctions?

Not sure if everyone cares for Greek food, but I find it to be both interestingly spicy as well as mouth-wateringly refreshing. (Pardon my english if I’m inventing words. Sounds good to me, though.)

It is also somewhat more of a healthy alternative to other choices. Many grilled items, fresh vegetables and the use of olive oil instead of butter. Although the desserts can be quite a caloric whammy.

You can take a look at their menu HERE to see the wide variety of offerings they have. We won’t get into them today. Too tired.

We were the only ones that chose to sit outside today, but our waitress was still attentive and immediately came out, gave us menus and took our drink orders.

Undecided between the meatballs or the fried zucchini for our appetizer, we asked the waitress what she thought was better, and she chose the zucchini. So that is what we ordered.

Out came a plate of sliced zucchini and a mashed potato-like garlic dip. We were prepared for zucchini “sticks” and some drippy kind of dip (like you’d get at a chain restaurant). It was a pleasant surprise. Very fresh, and the dip has a strong garlic flavor.

In an effort to be simple, we each chose a basic platter dish. One with chicken and the other with gyro.

The colorful platters come with greek fries, your choice of meat, some pita slices, tomato, pepper, onion, spices and the extremely delicious Tzatziki sauce. That has to be my favorite condiment or sauce of all time. Yogurt, cucumber and garlic. Simple, addictive and pretty healthy!


Each dish was large enough that we were unable to finish and both had to take the rest home to eat at another time. It makes a great snack or lunch for the next day!

I’ve never had a bad meal at It’s Greek To Me, and despite it being one of the higher priced places in town (for what you get at least), we still visit it regularly. $50 for lunch for two people is a bit much, but with the leftovers and great taste, it’s still hard to resist.

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9 years 3 months ago

I loooove its greek to me! Their hummus is very, very tasty. The greek salads are also huge and you’ve gotta love their gyros. :) Now I want some greek food….

9 years 3 months ago

Their food is wonderful. Large portions and a bit pricey but taking home the leftovers for another meal seems to justify that. Also, you can always share a platter and oder an app.

9 years 3 months ago

$50.00!!! Damn!! I actually think this is one of the cheaper places in town for decent and healthy meal…. I love their Greek Salad and I’m not a salad person. I usually walking out of here haveing a 20 dollar lunch for two.

9 years 3 months ago

I hate this place. Went once, ordered a chicken souvlaki that came out in moments. Which made me realize that that had pre-cooked it and had it lying around until someone walked in to order it. And it was very mediocre. Never again. Doesn’t matter how cheap it is.