Fresh Tortillas Grill

2/20/2009 Update/Inquiry:

Worth trying? Even in a bind?

Fresh Tortillas Grill is one of the only Hoboken restaurants that I have yet to try in the more than a decade living here.

However, the reason this post is being bumped today, is because they’ve apparently went on an “Ad Blitz” and stuffed their menus in probably every mailbox in town. Brilliant, really – because since the last comment about this joint was in 2007, I decided to scan their menu and ask the readers:

  • Is the place any good?
  • What dish is their specialty?
  • The prices seem reasonable – are the portion sizes OK?
  • How was your digestive tract after eating there?

Description – Mexican Fast Food Take out counter.
Services – Tortillas, Burritos, Salads, mexican pizza, Fajitas…. Free Delivery (Min $6 in Hoboken, $10 outside)
Address – 514 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-963-6500, Fax – 201-963-6579
Menu:Fresh Tortillas Grill Menu (I realized I cropped the menu – will fix later)
fresh tortillas grill.JPG

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28 Comments on "Fresh Tortillas Grill"

9 years 7 months ago

friday night just before going to sleep to rest up for a four day weekend, i felt like a burrito and it was too late for qdoba to deliver so i just ordered from here on chicken burrito, simple enough. the chicken itself was so nasty that after one bite, i had to unroll the burrito, remove every piece of chicken, and roll it back up to eat a meatless burrito – which was fine. even crappy old mcdonalds learned like 4 years ago that people want white meat / chicken breast in their nuggets – not mystery dog… Read more »

8 years 11 months ago

similar to Lily’s story, i was being lazy and ordered delivery one night. i ordered the chimichanga entree and i was extremely disappointed. everything was mixed together in one unrecognizable pile and none of it was edible. the chicken was terrible, the beans were undercooked… nothing was right. i literally ate 3 or 4 bites and had to throw everything away. stay away from delivery here.

8 years 11 months ago

I actually don’t hate this place, not bad for mexican food prepared by asians. 😈

8 years 11 months ago

right.. asians should stick to cooking asian food. now you know mossface!

8 years 5 months ago

my hubby and i call this place “chinese mexican”. sometimes we’re just in the mood for it, strange but true. the chicken chimichangas are decent, and hubby likes the steak burrito. undoubtedly qdoba and charritos food are 10x better, but this place has a certain taste that we just sometimes get a hankering for. usually pretty quick delivery, too.