700 Grove

I don't know about you, but this glut of construction is NOT needed in our area with limited infrastructure.

This is corporate GREED.

And they're preying on the anxiety that these home buyers have.

Would you want to live in this area? At this cost?

Description – Condos on the border of Hoboken & Jersey City. New construction.
Website – www.700grove.com
Address – 700 Grove St, Jersey City, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07310
Telephone – (201) 963-4800

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  1. Betty Boop says:

    so ummm, clearly you’re not a fan of 700 Grove or Zephyr? Not sure what either of these posts are really about? But they’re the exact same post about 2 buildings that border each other. Considering how much change is going on in the area, how do you know what it will look like in a few years? Hasn’t most of this area developed in that manner?

  2. hoboken411 says:

    It's not that I'm not a fan per se… It's this whole housing bubble, and the people that are contributing to it that irks me.

    Clearly, even at $500/sq. foot it's still overpriced. Yeah, in a few years it may be worth what it costs TODAY, but NOT today is my point.

    For 400 grand for a tiny one bedroom, a home buyer should get something more than a nice 4 walls, wouldn't you agree? Why should you pay the price and wait for the area to develop? Provided the housing market continues, and the neighborhood is "fully" developed in the next 3-5 years.. would your apartment be worth $800K plus?

    Bottom line is, that this area is over-congested, and getting worse by the day. Do you think that a nail salon, dry cleaner, and deli opening near here will justify the gridlock and skyrocketing prices? Where's the open space? Where are the improved roads? You reach a point of saturation where no amount of urban planning or improvement will make things better..

    Until we have flying cars. Which would be cool. :)

    And I can only guess that it'll look even more congested with more buildings in a few years. Who knows.

    Oh, and FYI, these aren't really posts per se, since I have all Hoboken businesses, apartments, condos, etc listed on this site. That was just my commentary before the details of how you can call either place or see their websites. I added these because they closely border Hoboken.

    But I appreciate yours and all comments, as we each have our opinions. I don't disrespect them, it makes for interesting debate. We each choose to do what makes us feel best. That is all that counts in the long run.

  3. zephyr says:

    Zephyr lofts – It’s actually a nice place to live and if you look around, you get a lot more for your money. It’s also suprisingly quiet…I could go on and on.

  4. Betty Boop says:

    Well, I don’t know your financial situation but for us (& I will say we were outpriced out of Manhattan & lots of Brooklyn) paying around $400k in the Zephyr Lofts was a good option. And I hope one day when the area is a little more developed that both Zephyr & 700 Grove are worth more than what we paid. But for what we paid, I am very happy with the Zephyr. I have 15 foot ceilings & an alcove with floor to ceiling windows with amazing NYC views, laundry in the apartment, etc…And I can walk to the PATH train station. We couldn’t have bought a studio in Manhattan for what we paid here. I’m happy.

  5. hoboken411 says:

    What bugs me most about these (besides the location and cost) is the fact that the anxious developers DO NOT ABIDE by the ordinance that says they CANNOT begin construction until 9AM.

    This is put in place because the movement of vehicles and forklifts and other equipment OBSTRUCT the traffic attempting to leave Hoboken, thus creating a massive logjam. Sometimes it takes well more than 30 minutes to leave this town!

    Today, and every single day this project began, the police have to continually warn (and YELL at) the crews breaking the law.

    All this with no penalty or stiff fine to the developer.

    Why should their construction schedule and profit come at the expense of our quality of life? Even something as simple as a commute?

  6. potatochip says:

    Does anyone have any updated opinions on 700 Grove? I just put a deposit down on a 2 bedroom/2 bath tonight to hold the place for a week so I can crush the numbers and figure out if I am making a good decision.

    Place is gorgeous, right across from the Skyline, taxes high, but they are offering two years free condo fees which include utilities, cable, gym, etc..

    They do not negotiate, it is what it is here… let me know if you have any positive or negative feedback.

  7. potatochip says:

    crunch the numbers i meant… my bad…

  8. nojokin says:

    I can’t believe that these places will appreciate in value. I mean, some of the units are just feet from that busy train track.

    Do they all at least come with parking?

  9. potatochip says:

    Yes, they come with parking but you have to buy your spot. I ended up canceling my deal with them.

    Too many problems with the building and the taxes were insane.

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