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Summer 2010 Update: DOOMED


New Ladies Clothing Store…

This sub-level shop at 728 Washington Street was once Eva’s Shoes – then became “Kiss & Tell” for a very short while (I never had time to update it) – and is now Elegantly F.L.I. – and I think this shop is the best it’s ever looked! The merchandise is well laid-out.

Had a chance to speak with owner Michelle Benson the other day – my first question was “what does F.L.I. stand for?” Well, it’s her daughters initials (Frances Lydia Irizarry)!

With that mystery now solved – what does she sell? Elegantly F.L.I. is a small economically priced contemporary boutique consisting of women’s apparel, shoes, handbags and accessories. Great little addition to the middle of Washington street that caters to all women and girls of all ages.

Have any of you lovely ladies stopped in to browse around yet? If not, swing by, say hello and share your thoughts!

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  1. mooshu says:

    Not bad from the pictures! This place reminds me of Anthology a little (also on 7th).

  2. ggnyc65 says:

    This place is great! And the prices are definitely more reasonable than Anthology

    • kiddmaster says:

      I LOVE this place!!! I call it my Weekend/Going Out store. They have everything. The jewelry is sooo pretty. The prices are the best. I could easily spend hundreds of dollar in this store. It helps that the ladies that work in the store are friendly and helpful. Wake up people! This is the HOTTEST store on the block and the PRICES are soooo reasonable. If this was baseball, it would get MVP of the year!!!!!!!

      In response to ggnyc65 who said:

      This place is great! And the prices are definitely more reasonable than Anthology

  3. pawzclawz says:

    I was wondering when H411 was going to get around to mentioning this store. It’s a great store. The prices are reasonable. The owner is a really nice lady. I wish her well.

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