Hoboken doesn’t really have many…

What is your definition of a “Dive Bar” these days?

I believe to many people, the meaning varies quite a bit. To some, a dive bar can be considered anything other than an upper-class bar/restaurant or night club – in other words “a regular pub.” And to others (like myself) a dive bar essentially means a giant dump that hasn’t been maintained, off the beaten path and has seedy characters and misfits that frequent the establishment.


Hoboken411 reader Thomas was curious what you all thought dive bars were – and what in Hoboken might be considered one. He called places such as the Wilton House and DC’s Tavern “flat out dive bars,” and other establishments such as Rogo’s and Nag’s Head “fringe dive bars.”

Frankly, to the distinguished (read: snooty) man – you could essentially call half the bars in Hoboken dive bars. But to me, there are hardly any real dive bars left. Maybe Wilton House because of the clientele, and surely Mario’s Bar for the state it’s in – but I wouldn’t even classify places like Louise & Jerry’s or DC’s dives – just regular watering holes (like many of the Irish Pubs). Heck, two of the real dive bars left us in the past few years: Kelly’s Pub (which is now a high-end wine bar) and the Downtown Pub.

What bars in Hoboken do you consider “dives” and why?