Molfetta Pizzeria


Pizzeria & Restaurant. Convenient when bombed, but hell on wheels the next day. Blech.
Description – Pizzeria & Restaurant.
Services – Pizza, Salads, Calzone, Hot & Cold sandwiches, Dinners, Pasta, Chicken wings. Free Delivery(Min $8), Catering
Address – 1122 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5387
Telephone – (201) 963-3236.

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  1. victordunn says:

    Got a real garbage pie from these jokers the other night. My $17.00 “extra cheese” pizza amounted to some mozz melted onto a pie must have been sitting around for god knows how long. Dried out cardboard with cheese on top. Disgusting. Threw most of it away. Would of fed it to the dog but was afraid of being categorized as an abusive pet owner if someone were to find out.

    I hope they read this site. Lick my taint Molfetta! You lazy bastards!

  2. tiffany2288 says:

    Why would anyone order pizza from a place called “Molfetta” ???

  3. Katie_Scarlett says:

    [quote comment=”105823″]Why would anyone order pizza from a place called “Molfetta” ???[/quote]
    ‘Cause they’re just not as smart as you? ❓ 😛

  4. Katie_Scarlett says:

    NOTE: the first smiley was supposed to be the question mark. Must have f’d that up.

  5. little boots says:

    Why order pizza from any of these places when you have Uptown and Grimaldis? One other along Washington I heard is good, so why go to someplace like this?

  6. rag246 says:

    First, “taint” is a word that should only be used by mouth breathers who think Dane Cook is funny. Second, Milfetta’s would be the worst pizza in Hoboken, hands down, were it not for Imposto’s.

  7. victordunn says:

    You can order online with them from Allmenus. I was on the site, figured I’d give em’ a shot. Oh, well. Back to Benny’s till Five Guys (ever?) opens up.

  8. victordunn says:

    #6: Why so personal? :(

  9. rag246 says:

    Sorry man I just hate that word. Nothing personal.

  10. nbm3 says:

    Did this place change owners?

  11. roberta says:

    Weird to have two brick oven pizza places practically next door.

    • YouStayCl@ssyHoboken says:

      About as weird as having Mickey D’s and BK right across the street from each other… (only weird if one–or both–of them sucks!)[quote comment=”222272″]Weird to have two brick oven pizza places practically next door.[/quote]

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