11/24/2009 Update:

Room 84 open for business in Hoboken

The former “Bar None” at 84 Washington Street has completed it’s transformation into the newest Hoboken night club & lounge “Room 84.”

With it’s opening this past weekend, reviews have been surprisingly upbeat. The interior looks nice, and the crowds have been improved.

Have you been there yet? If so – please share your observations!



The old Bar None club / lounge at 84 Washington Street hasn’t been sold – but is going through a transformation / renovation instead!


Room 84: A totally new mission objective

Owner Joseph Branco (who also owns Emanuel’s Salon across the street), decided to refresh the basement club into a completely different experience – focusing more on the lounge aspect and “room service” type atmosphere with private tables.

I spoke with the manager Darrell this week – and here’s a bit of what you can expect when the new hangout “Room 84″ opens towards the end of October:

  • Revamped layout – more intimate, with private seating / lounging areas.
  • A new take on “bottle service” – where you can customize your table’s selections to accommodate different tastes.
  • “Media Wall” behind the bar, to display various moving graphic images to suit the mood, season or occasion.
  • Full spectrum LED lighting throughout the bar
  • Improved acoustics that reduce the need to yell at the top of your lungs.
  • An appropriate dress code and cover to weed out the riff-raff.
  • A small private room for rent – for more exclusive gatherings