Update for Hoboken Sinatra Park

Sinatra Park Soccer Field ready for… WINTER!

We told you from the get-go, that the Sinatra Park Soccer field wasn’t truly about helping residents, or providing true “open space.”

One, because you will all need a permit to use it, or they’ll pickpocket money out of your wallet. Not an open space that anyone can happily walk on and play.

Two, they inconsiderately rushed this to get it ready for, what? Winter pee-wee soccer? Didn’t think so.

This field is being rushed for one single reason only (hence the late night construction that disturbed property tax-paying citizens)ELECTION TIME POLITICKING!

If you can’t see through, the BS – then you probably can’t comprehend what we’re saying here. Enjoy the “views” of the open space you can’t really ever use!

Hoboken Sinatra Park slugging along… or is it?

9/17/2013 Update:

Back in February – we mentioned that Hoboken Sinatra Park was going to take a while – but “might” get done quicker for the sake of politics.

Sinatra Park Soccer Field Construction Progress Hoboken NJ

Late night construction at Hoboken Sinatra Park annoys residents

Well – that appears to be correct. We suspected that Dawn Zimmer would make a big push to get this park done – for political purposes (i.e., to have a “ribbon cutting” photo op while she’s on Stan’s her campaign trail).

Last night – dozens of area residents called police to complain about the jack-hammering and construction noise over at the soon-to-be soccer field. Apparently the folks at city hall gave the contractors “verbal permission” to continue work almost up to MIDNIGHT.

You think that is fair that some contractors that may be considered “political pieces” get allowed to work faster for the benefit of a Mayoral candidate at the expense of the quality of life for residents?

Either way – cops responded to the scene before we got there, and the noise tempered down a bit. We’ll see if it happens again tonight and going forward.

Still no Hoboken Sinatra Park four and half years later

2/21/2013 Update:

Below is a recent video of the “construction” action down near the Hoboken Sinatra Park Soccer field / pier area.

I used to think why this project is taking so long was because of the general incompetence at City Hall – but now I’m starting to connect the dots. You ever wonder that they’re dragging this project along on purpose? Just to keep their contract buddies on for years on end (like Boswell Engineering who we mentioned yesterday)?

Anyway – when asked when they should be done with restoring the park – a project engineer on scene sheepishly said “early fall.” But his tone suggested that we might be lucky if we get the park back this year. But when there are election-timed ribbon cuttings, you never know what “miracles” can happen.

Hoboken Sinatra Park Soccer Field Update

10/5/2009 Update:

Following the Friday Afternoon news that Councilwoman Beth Mason was in talks with Stevens Institute to move Hoboken Youth League Soccer games back to Hoboken, Acting Mayor/Council President Dawn Zimmer had her Confidential Aide Dan Bryan send out her own update on the Sinatra Field situation Sunday, and it doesn’t sound good:


“Emergency measures are currently being taken to protect Hoboken from losing its soccer field in the event of a major storm. Engineers from Remington & Vernick advised the City that Hoboken risks losing Sinatra Field completely if we do not take immediate action. This unfortunate situation has resulted from possible construction and design issues as well as the failure of previous administrations to address a known erosion problem due to shipworms. A final determination as to whether the field can be used for the fall season will be made early next week based on the review of a full report from Boswell Engineering.”

Can you hear the cash registers ringing? It sounds like cleaning up this mess is going to get expensive. Real expensive. The release from City Hall continues:

“Based on recommendations from the engineers a decision was made to install two 35-foot protective sheet metal barriers along each side of the southern section of the soccer field where the erosion has occurred. This metal sheet wall connected to pilings, is designed to prevent the tides and storm water from further destruction of the walkway and field. According to engineers, it will also be part of the final repair plan. I want to thank Assemblyman Ramos and Senator Kenney for assisting us with getting an emergency permit from the NJ DEP in order to complete this work on an emergency basis.”

Now, if you just said to yourself “Did she just say Senator Kenney?” you aren’t alone. State Senator Bernard Kenny (no “e” in his name) left office in 2007, replaced by Brian Stack, who was probably the person she meant to thank. By the way City Hall, the Board of Ed’s Facilities Director is Tim Calligy, not Tom (another error made in the press release). Acting Mayor/Council President Zimmer went on to say that as a soccer player herself she understands having fields to play on is important “to our quality of life.” Playing soccer apparently also played a role when Zimmer picked her City Directors.

How much do you think this mess is going to cost to fix? Will it be too expensive to save the soccer field from the rising tides? Was it a dumb idea to put a soccer field on sea-level landfill in the first place? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sinatra Park Closed till further notice

9/23/2009 Update:

The City of Hoboken sends an update about the recent pier collapse…


The city is being extra cautious regarding this collapse. Any soccer events scheduled in the near term have been re-located to the high school field. They’ve provided a time-line of what has and will transpire:

  • On Monday, September 21st, at approximately 9 a.m., City of Hoboken workers reported cracking in the pavers at the far east tip of Sinatra Park. The area was immediately closed off to the public.
  • City engineers conducted a “visual” survey of the area and pier piles during high tide that afternoon.
  • On Tuesday, September 22nd, City engineers conducted an “inner-water” survey at high-tide to further assess the pier’s condition. It was determined that a low-tide survey beneath the pier be conducted for further analysis of the pier’s condition.
  • On Wednesday, September 23rd, a low-tide survey was conducted to determine if further erosion has occurred. The City’s engineers then recommended that an underwater survey be conducted of the structure.
  • An underwater “diving” survey of the area will be conducted on Thursday, September 24th, at 7 a.m. by Boswell Underwater Engineering to determine the integrity of the structure.
  • As a precaution, all events scheduled at Sinatra Park on Wednesday, September 23rd, and for the immediate future have been postponed and the Soccer Field has been closed to the public. Soccer games scheduled for this weekend have been moved to Hoboken High School field.
  • An engineering report and cost estimates are being prepared to ensure immediate repairs.

Hoboken sinking – one pier at a time


Like a broken record – another pier crumbles into the Hudson in Hoboken, NJ. I just wonder why we focus so much on building NEW ones, when we cannot even keep the *existing* ones in good enough shape!

I guess a ribbon-cutting for a collapse wouldn’t bode to well with intelligent voters. (Then again, do ribbon-cuttings help earn votes to begin with?)

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2 years 9 months ago

LMAO. Just amazing how this crazed individual is playing the residents like a fine fiddle. You might as well just give her permission to push the ballot button for you so you don’t have to show up at the polls. Idiots.

6 years 3 months ago

I am all for moving forward with the repairs here under one condition. Someone with an engineering degree needs to sign off on a method of attack for fixing the piers once and for all. Then, upon completion, a large picture of this engineer should be displayed at the pier with the persons phone number and address, so if the pier fails again we know who is responsible. The fact that no one is being held accountable for these pier failures is ludicrous.

6 years 3 months ago
Sounds like our resident engineer Margaret wants that honor. Lets do it her way and when the pier collapses again in 2011 maybe then you can call her up and inform her that doing things on the cheap is why the pier collapsed yet again. I’d almost support doing it her way if only to say “I told you so” but I’d rather not waste millions of dollars just to prove a point. gazzo – just put the names of everyone who works for the city on a dart board, toss a few dozen darts, those names that get hit… Read more »
6 years 3 months ago
Oh c’mon matt_72, you know better than that. “Wast(ing) millions of dollars just to prove a point” is signature Hoboken carrying on. I bet either of us could count off a dozen examples off the top of our head. BTW what odds would you give that the piers are repaired properly? I’ll say chances are 4 out of 5 that the piers will need additional repair within ten years of the next wave of repairs. In response to matt_72 who said: Sounds like our resident engineer Margaret wants that honor. Lets do it her way and when the pier collapses… Read more »
6 years 3 months ago
I was at that meeting. They voted for 12 million to fix the soccer field and the piers. Those mollosks (they are not worms!) are winning.They are growing as the weather warms and as they are larger and hungrier and will continue to destroy our piers. There are several alternatives to ways to fix the soccer field. Yes, we need it for recreation. No, ripping up the turf and piecemeal repair of the pilings underneath sounds expensive and awful. Mason voted no to that way. She was right. There is a sandbar underneath and the use of sand and fresh… Read more »
6 years 3 months ago

Beth Mason voted no to spend this money without knowing how the
soccer field and piers would be fixed. The engineers were dead wrong in the way they presented when I spoke to them out in the hall. Those clams are bigger, and hungrier and are not worms.
There are much better alternatives than what was offered.
Ripping up all of that new turf is wrong and way too expensive.
I did a lot of research on this whole subject and am waiting for the powers to be to get back to me.

6 years 8 months ago
Dawn Zimmer has a lot of complaints these days about what wasn’t done to fix the piers on Hoboken’s seawalls. Wasn’t she part of that problem when she voted down every resolution before the city council last year to maintain Hoboken new assets on the waterfront? Now that she is running to be elected Mayor, all we hear from her is what went wrong in the past, despite the fact that the very thing she protests most loudly about, was something she herself ignored and voted NO to, repeatedly in council sessions when a open spaces maintenance budget was proposed.… Read more »