Seeing that 340 Grill has been getting so much (paid?) attention lately, I figured I’d dust off these pictures I took from a review way back in July 2007. I held off posting for a while, then I lost one of my stupid pads with notes from recent meals. So this will be mostly from memory. I’m going to be generous and unless I’m certain I felt the way I did, I will not mention it.

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This July 2007 review a friend and I went on consisted of some chips & lobster dip, a chicken sandwich, and a bacon cheeseburger.

My memory tells me the following:

Chips & Lobster dip: Not bad.. tons of cheese.. hardly tasted any lobster. Jalapeños weren’t hot.. but not a big deal.


Chicken Sandwich: I didn’t order this, but I remember my friend saying “nothing special.” I’ve sent her an email to see if she can recall more.


Burger: I ordered medium-rare, came out cooked on the surface of the sun. Waitress that day (which was totally empty) was nowhere to be found to send it back, so I ate it anyway. Not horrible, only average.

One thing I hate is that trend the “fancy” restaurants have been on with the mini-dishes of ketchup. Is it that low class to have a bottle of ketchup available?


Overall: Outdoor river-front seating is nice, which is one of 340 Grill’s saving graces. Will be back once the warm weather returns. Service was below average. Cost was not in line for what we received (someone needs to pay the rent there.) Bottom line: Convenient, nice location, outdoor seating a bonus, ok for taking out-of-town guests to see NYC skyline, but not a place I’d put in a regular rotation.

340 Grill

Does anyone even enjoy the weekend crowds here?

Description – Restaurant & Lounge – Upscale cuisine, seafood, raw bar, martini lounge. Parkside / Riverside location. Entrée price range $18-$26.
Website – www.3fortygrill.com
Address – 340 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 217-3406

340 grill
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