9/3/2010 Update:

14th and Bloomfield vacant again in Hoboken

This perpetually doomed corner retail spot is now officially for rent again. That odd “Purple Diamondz” store finally packed up.

Maybe if the city wasn’t so picky with how the exterior looked – perhaps a store might finally survive here. A decent awning and some signs people can actually read would actually help the local economy. But since when was Hoboken logical about anything?

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4/8/2010 Update:

It can’t be true, can it?

I walk by 14th and Bloomfield all the time – and for the past couple weeks, this store “Purple Diamondz” has been closed each and every time – no matter what part of the day or night I passed by. And more recently, a “For Rent” sign is now up next to it. However, taking a deeper look at the Renaissance Realty website, it does appear to be for a 2 bedroom apartment in “The Gate” building (nice, but over-priced at $3100 a month?)

Nonetheless, this whole corner is a “recipe for doomed” one way or another (like that car accident a few weeks ago). If this place is indeed through – it’d be the fifth place in four years.

Does anyone shop here?


Oh my – a new store at 14th and Bloomfield

Hoboken411 reader Matt mentioned that popping up in the past few days is a new sexy shop called “Purple Diamondz” at 14th and Bloomfield.

As you know, this puny corner retail spot here is like a retail graveyard. With My Urban Auctioneer, Santa Fe Touch, Life, Good Breed all “come and gone” – here we have the next attempt at a successful Hoboken business.

Bermuda Triangle of Hoboken Retail

Reminds you of the the opening monologue from Seinfeld Episode #307 (“The Cafe”):

“There’s always that one location, one store location that’s constantly changing hands. Everybody has this in their neighborhood, it’s a leather store, it’s a yogurt shop, it’s a pet supply. It’s constantly changing and nobody can do business there. It’s like some sort of Bermuda triangle of retail, you know? Stores open up and then they just disappear without a trace. Nobody knows what happened to ‘em. I guess eventually when like aliens land in mother ship of close encounters, bottom will slowly open and all these store owners will come wondering out in a daze going ‘I thought there would be more walk-in traffic didn’t you?”

Description: Lingerie and other adult items
Address: 1320 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web, Phone: TBD