7/1/2010 Update:

The only Breitling Dealer in Hoboken

“W. Kodak is very proud to become Hoboken’s first and exclusive authorized Breilting dealer.

We would like to thank everyone in Hoboken for their support and will continue to bring in highest quality merchandise while providing excellent service.”

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12/23/2009 Update:

I have to say, I swung by W. Kodak Jewelers yesterday because I was desperate to find a reliable watch-band repair place (after two failed tries elsewhere in Hoboken). Little did I know I’d have a nice local business update today – along with some superb photos taken by yours truly!

The nicest jewelry store in the Mile Square!

After being humbled by the beautiful merchandise in the window – I hesitantly walked in, hoping not to get me and my under-$200 watches laughed out of the store! But owner (and 10 year Hoboken resident) Brad Kodak happily took my job request, and showed me around.

I really liked the selection of men’s watches they had, including Movado, Panerai, and other very well known high-end brands. Maybe I’ll save really hard and treat myself next year, instead of wasting money on multiple others that end up breaking in less than a year anyway!

They also had a gorgeous array of ladies fine jewelry as well (if I was a woman, I’d want some diamonds too!) – and they have received phenomenal feedback – especially with the engagement rings!

Regardless if you need a last minute gift or not, be sure to stop by W. Kodak Jewelers to say hello – and shop local!


A directory addition today (the list is growing!)…

W. Kodak Jewelers coming soon

Most of you have noticed what is taking place of the re-located Yeung II Chinese restaurant at 60 Newark Street – W. Kodak Jewelers.

Slated to open Fall of 2009 – W. Kodak Jewelers already has three NJ locations, in Bayonne, Nutley and Ledgewood.

“W. Kodak Jewelers has been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. Excellent service, quality and value has always been our standard.”

Who believes a “Fine Jeweler” will succeed in Hoboken?


Description: Fine Jewelry and Diamonds
Address: 60 Newark St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: wkodakjewelers.com
Phone: TBD