Helicopter & Plane collide; crash in Hudson

8/14/2009 Update:

In case you haven’t seen the video of the collision…

8/9/2009 Update:

About the victims…

NBC New York has a sad article about the victims who perished.

Helicopter wreckage pulled from Hudson

Below are some photos of both the helicopter wreckage getting extracted from the river – as well as being hoisted onto the pier at Maxwell Place (12th & Sinatra). Additional shots of what the general scene looks like (onlookers, emergency vehicles, boats, etc.)

(Thanks to Ray for the first picture of the helicopter getting pulled…)


(Helicopter, Plane Collision – continued…)

8/8/2009 Updates


NTSB Press Conference

NTSB press conference started late, and ended at 8:47pm. An NTSB spokeswoman recapped the day’s tragic events, and said that they’ve recovered three bodies (unsure of from what aircraft), and have located the wreckage of the helicopter. They haven’t positively located the plane, but have promising data as to it’s whereabouts. Until they analyze the air traffic control data, no positive information could be reported about the altitude of the collision.

Additionally, the NTSB said that the water conditions were difficult, with visibility of two to three feet. The recovery mission will resume again Sunday morning at 7AM.


soupsoup.tumber.com has this screen capture photo of the mid-air collision caught on film!


Fox news has picture of “splash”

A Hoboken411 reader sent me this screen capture that Fox News is airing – a picture of the “splash” after one of the aircraft landed in the Hudson:


Press conferences – a “recovery mission”

NYC Mayor Bloomberg had a press conference, talking about the “tragic incident.” He said it appeared the plane hit the helicopter, severed it’s wing, etc. There was discussion about how aircraft communicate and the allowed air space around New York. He said at that altitude, there are certain frequencies that pilots communicate and that all pilots are “skilled.” He believed that no one survived the accident, and the mission has turned from a rescue to a recovery mission.


Photos of the scene

Here is a gallery of the scene from Hoboken411 readers Bob, Will, Sean and my very own brother:


Helicopter was from Liberty Tours

Last year, we reported that the Liberty Tours Helicopter sightseeing company was supposed to scale back it’s operations… NBC news reports: “The helicopter was from Liberty Tours. Five passengers and a pilot were on board. The small plane — a fixed wing single-engine aircraft — originally left from Pennsylvania. It stopped at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to pick up one more person and then departed, police sources said.”


One confirmed dead

NY1 is confirming one passenger dead. Other unconfirmed reports indicate that the plane may have been one of those advertising banner planes… A tire was spotted on the Sinatra Drive near the skate park..


Up to nine people total on board

Initial reports are indicating that the plane had just taken off from Teterboro Airport, and was carrying up to three people – and the helicopter as many as six. Their grim fate remains unknown…


Black Box spotted near Pier A

NYPD said that they received a call saying a “black box” was spotted near or under Pier A Park….


Debris being collected; NTSB en route

Police are finding more aircraft parts throughout the waterfront area in Hoboken. They’re being advised to secure the parts. The National Transportation Safety Board is on the way. Other entities involved are the Hudson County Sheriffs department, Hoboken OEM, and more…

Witnesses say helicopter and plane collide

One commenter here on Hoboken411 said it appeared to be a helicopter and plane that collided… Police are scouring the town now for evidence (14th Street) – amazing no reports of street injuries. Apparently heavy pedestrian traffic is now headed towards the river from all angles.


Plane debris all over Hoboken

Officials are reporting over the air that plane wreckage is being spotted all over town, including 14th Street and the Campus of Stevens Institute.


Possible Collision?

The eyewitness, who is in Pier A Park said it appeared to be some kind of twin-engine plane, white with red stripes. He said it sounded like maybe one of the engines exploded, and literally one of the wings may have come off. It was flying fast south down the river.. Police over the radio suspect it may have been a collision.

This took place between Sinatra Park and Pier A Park.

Stevens is reporting that a piece of the wings is on top of one of their buildings.

NYPD Police helicopters responded and two divers jumped out into the river…

More to come…

12:05 PM:

Single engine plane breaks apart in mid-air

Crashes in Hudson!

More to follow…

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6 years 6 months ago

crazy! my friend just called and said people saw a helicopter and plane collide. papers flying everywhere… not on any news channel!!! way to go hoboken411! on top of everything as usual!

6 years 6 months ago

My husband said the same.

Perry, you rock!

In response to new2hoboken who said:
crazy! my friend just called and said people saw a helicopter and plane collide. papers flying everywhere… not on any news channel!!! way to go hoboken411! on top of everything as usual!

6 years 6 months ago

According to Channel 7:

NEW YORK (WABC) — A helicopter and a small plane crashed into the Hudson River near 14th street in Lower Manhattan.

One victim has been removed and taken to a hospital.

6 years 6 months ago

Kudos for being the 1st report anywhere on this crash. You bagged it.