6/19/2008 Food Update:

For more than a week, I’ve been under the weather from what must be some rare 100-degree flu. I wear shorts all winter without an issue, and the first heat-wave of 2008 I get knocked out cold.

Anyway, something happens when I get sick. I crave Chinese food like a madman. I’ve determined that Istana has to be the best-tasting Chinese food in Hoboken. Fantastic! Does anyone else agree?

Oh, none of my menus were current (you know, prices go up), and anything I could find online was “2005 menu.” So for your eating pleasure, you can download a PDF of the 2008/2009 Istana Menu here.

istana sushi and wok.JPG

Description – Japanese / Chinese take out. Entrée price range $8-$15+.
Services – Japanese Cuisine – Teriyaki, Maki, Sushi, Sashimi, Chinese cuisine. Free Delivery (Min $5 Local, $10 outside Hoboken)
Address – 936 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-656-9877, 201-656-9866, Fax – 201-656-9689

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  1. a_siren says:

    [quote comment=”88835″]Yueng II is the best[/quote]
    I used to like Yueng II until they changed owners about two years ago. Went seriously downhill after that. Maybe they’ve got a hang of it now and I should try them again.

  2. kooky kat says:

    [quote comment=”89056″][quote comment=”88979″]I just wish I could find a chinese restaurant where they understand the following: “Can I get steamed chicken with just brocolli and carrots, no other vegetables.” This very simple order causes much confusion, phone dropping, lots of screaming in Chinese, returning to the phone to tell me “thah be ext-ah!”[/quote]
    Have you tried Satay on First and Washington? They have “diet” menu items including steamed chicken with broccoli or with mixed vegetables. They would probaly throw in a couple of carrots to the broccoli one if you asked. You can get all kinds of sauces on the side and white or brown rice on the side. I order from them all the time.[/quote]

    I try next time!!

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