What’s on that corner?


(Cue game show theme song…)

Guess what’s behind illegally parked truck #1!

OK contestants – it’s time to play Hoboken’s newest game “What is that truck blocking?”

And today, on “corner number one” – we have a giant Tropicana Truck poking it’s way into the intersection and blocking the crosswalks.

What’s behind illegally parked truck #1?



The answer is…

“A prime corner to illegally park!”


6 Responses

  1. lokelyokel says:

    Just crawl under the truck when you get to that part of the crosswalk. What’s the big deal?

  2. nubber says:

    prime corner deli, 3rd and madison. nice little place, big improvement over the dry cleaners that was there.

  3. Sidd Finch says:

    What’s interesting is what’s listed under the sign:
    Cigarettes – pricing people out slowly. Newspapers and Magazines – going out of business eventually. Lotto – you know the money is not going education where it’s supposed to. Coffee – waiting for the government to regulate it. Grocery – the recent gas price increase drove up food prices but hasn’t come down once that eased up

  4. mooshu says:

    I think that spikes along the ground may also do the trick. But then we have to figure out what to do about the humans.

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