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Arthur’s deal apparently falls through…

7/25/2011 Update:

Buzz on the street is that the potential sale fell through once the bidding team got “buyer’s remorse” before the deal was done, and requested a substantially lower purchase price. Arthur’s refused – and instead apparently got a $20,000 fee for the failed transaction.

Forget the restaurant! Hoboken needs more daycare centers!

Arthur’s Tavern wrapping up in Hoboken, NJ


Hoboken411 reader Jason mentioned that he found out that Arthur’s Tavern, the massive bar & restaurant at the corner of 3rd & Washington is done.

Apparently, it was sold to the owners of Teak / Lana Lounge and will become yet another “upscale” establishment.

Arthur’s may not have been the top culinary choice in Hoboken – but many residents and visitors enjoyed eating there because it was more affordable than many places.

Myself, haven’t been there in ages – and won’t miss it much other than it was a recognizable landmark. We’ll see what the new owners can do with the enormous space in the already crowded restaurant scene!

Arthur’s Tavern August 2007 Review – Hoboken, NJ:

Hudson Restaurant week HobokenSeeing that Hudson Restaurant Week is wrapping up, here’s a guest review by Ali from Go Out Jersey. Thanks, Ali!

“It’s on rare occasions that I actually venture into Hoboken for anything other than bar hopping or path-taking. So I was curious as to what I’d find on my trip to Arthur’s Tavern for Hudson County’s Restaurant Week.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were ushered from to the hostess in the back room of the restaurant who told us we would have to wait for a table even though there were plenty of open tables in the front room.

Arthur’s offered us a four course dinner for $23 dollars. The first course, soup, gave us the choice of Manhattan clam chowder or the Soup Du Jour – but with no Soup du Jour to offer – Manhattan clam it was. It was full of carrots and celery but short on clams and left the lingering taste of black pepper in our mouths long after we were finished eating.

For the second course, we were served our salads, Caesar and house. The Caesar salad was more iceberg than romaine and the “creamy” dressing was watered down by the still-wet lettuce. The house salad – mixed greens with tomato, onion, olives and croutons – was somewhat fresh with a delicious balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Our entrées were the most disappointing part. They were out of the petite steak with shrimp so I was forced to order the junior sirloin and my boyfriend ordered their ribs. The sirloin, which I ordered cooked medium, was cooked closer to medium-rare. This would have been fine had the steak been hot, or at least warm, but was barely room temperature. The potatoes it was served with were also cold. The ribs were adequate and served at a good temperature but were definitely unspecial. The Arthur’s famous potatoes, both hot and cold, were seasoned, sliced potatoes that seemed to be nothing more than fancy home fries.

We had no expectations for the “ice cream roll” that would be served for dessert. It was like a devil dog shell with vanilla ice-cream filling. We joked about how long it must’ve been sitting in the freezer before they realized they could pass it off on unsuspecting restaurant week patrons.

The one good thing about the meal was our server, who although quite busy in the crowded restaurant, was both pleasant and helpful.

Although they do serve up a hefty portion in Arthur’s – what it lacks is quality. If I had paid full price for my food, I probably would have left pretty irritated. But for a $23 four-course meal, I guess you have to take what you can get.”

Description: Popular restaurant & bar with the casual atmosphere of an old-fashioned neighborhood tavern; known for its huge steaks. Zagat rated. Price range $12-$30 Services: Bar, Steaks, Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches, Fish, Lunch & Dinner Specials, Seafood
Address: 237 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 656-5009, Fax: (201) 216-0910


See below for quick afternoon lunch review from September 2006


Yet another afternoon restaurant review. Today’s choice is the very popular Arthur’s Tavern / Steakhouse on Washington Street. One of four locations in New Jersey.

Arthur’s is known to many locals to be very cheap, but rather substandard in terms of the quality (at least compared to other places in town). They lived up to that reputation today.

It’s a pretty big restaurant with multiple areas to sit front and back. It’s rare you cannot get a table.


Our distracted waiter (who claimed he was frazzled due to working a “double”) came and took our order. There was one other table he had to serve, so we were puzzled by this declaration.

Since this was a quick lunch, and not a giant dinner, we opted out of trying the “juicy” steaks they advertise.

My friend simply got a bowl of chili, which is one of our favorite items they have. While not as hot and spicy as we’d like chili to be, it’s still very satisfying and flavorful as-is. Lots of shredded cheddar and scallions. She asked for some bread to “dip”, but all our waiter offered us was a slice of white bread. Seemed wrong.


Additionally, we were not offered the “Complimentary” bowl of Garlic Pickles, Hot Peppers, Pickled Tomatoes and Sauerkraut that are supposed to be on each table. I guess the waiter had other things on his mind.

I usually get the burgers from there, which are above average in Hoboken (not nearly the best though), but I decided to get something from the “specials” board. I chose the Filet Mignon sandwich. I added cheese too. Now when the board says “sandwich”, you think you’d get something you can eat like a typical sandwich, right? Well I got an open-faced sandwhich, which I don’t particularly care for. I find the bread to be useless if you’re going to be eating with fork and knife. Why not put “open-faced” on the board to begin with!? This has inspired me to try the filet mignon sandwich from Mikie Squared I heard so much about.

The meat was ok, but had no real side, other than this little cup of cole slaw.


We also ordered a side of potatoes. Arthurs does not have a fryer, so fries are not an option. I indicated to the waiter that I wanted “super-crispy-well-done-burnt” potatoes. Ten bucks says the chef never got that message, because the potatoes came out like they always do. Not horrible, but greasy enough that you could only eat a couple…


The good thing about going to Arthur’s is that you kind of expect mediocrity. That’s the best thing about it. You rarely leave with expectations not being met. It’s a decent place for a burger and a pint, or to sit outside at their handful of tables, and is cheap. It serves a purpose in Hoboken, that’s for sure!

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9 years 4 months ago

You nailed it with the last paragraph: Arthur’s is where you go when you don’t want to spend real money, but you don’t want Mickey D’s either. It’s basically a specialty diner. I’ve never understood the no fries thing.

Not suprised by the shoddy service. The way they treat their staff, the best of the lot always move on the greener pastures.

9 years 4 months ago

Arthurs isn’t worth the money. Their burgers are dry, their potatoes are greasey mush, and their “steak” is horrendous. I’d eat just about anywhere else in Hoboken before going to AWFUL Arthur’s.

One bright spot, they have Killian’s Red on tap. I like that!

9 years 4 months ago

Drink enough Killian’s and the food tastes good.

9 years 4 months ago

I have a thing for their BBQ ribs, but it’s certainly not a top notch restaurant…however, if you’re in the mood for a cheap steak, it works pretty well!

9 years 4 months ago

They have hands down the best Burgers in Hoboken. The Steak is NOT cheap anymore, and the 24/48 OZ selections have 50% fat on them.
If you Successfully finish a 24 OZ Steak, Potatoes, and a giant glass of beer you are not getting laid that night.