Hoboken411 reader “JJ” is becoming a bit of a regular contributor these days! (who’s reviewed Zylo Steakhouse and Club KO already!) – Today he rings up a fresh perspective on Marisa’s Pizza in Hoboken!


JJ Likes Marisa’a Pizza!

I stopped in to brand-new Marisa’s Pizza (100 Hudson Street – where Quiznos used to be) with the intention of including them in another piece I’m working on for 411, but the place proved enjoyable enough for a feature all their own!

To be up-front with you guys, I know everyone has their favorite pizza joint in town; and in theory there’s already enough good pizza in Hoboken; however I’d rather see a family run place like this than a chain/franchise restaurant, or another useless bank or cell phone store. And it is family run; the owners are authentic Italian, and one of them is even born-and-raised if that matters.

Marisa’s is spotlessly clean and bright, and has the same basic set-up the old Quiznos did: tables on the left wall, some nice outdoor seating, and a large display case. Everything they had out looked mouth-watering, and everything was clearly labeled with price and exactly what it was so there was no guessing. After chatting up co-owners Dina and Ottavia, I ordered a chicken roll and a single slice.

The chicken roll ($6.95 menu price but “on sale” for $4.95) was absolutely delicious with nice soft dough, loads of cheese and stuffed with perfectly cooked, moist breaded chicken breast. I love chicken rolls but too often the chicken tastes dry to me, but not here; this was very fresh. It was accompanied by a cup of sauce that was too thin for my taste; I prefer sauce to be a bit chunkier and thicker for dipping(follow up note: I liked the chicken roll so much I went back the next day for another one, and this time the sauce was noticeably thicker). Then it was on to the pizza($2.75 plain slice). The sauce was fine here, and the pizza was just how I like it, lots of cheese, not too much sauce, on a thin crust that was just perfect–not too crisp, not too soggy.

Besides the pizza they offer a fairly extensive menu with the usual pasta and sandwiches but also some unexpected items like lobster ravioli and seafood rice balls.; there’s also some nice looking outsourced desserts. Everyone is very friendly and willing to stop and chat; stop in and give Marisa’s a try.


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Have any of you tried Marisa’s Pizza yet? What do you think?