7/4/2010 Bump:

Sneak Preview of Macy*s Fireworks Spectacular

For those wondering what the Macy’s Fireworks looks like from Hoboken – or if you don’t feel like watching them tonight – here’s where Hoboken411 watched them from last year – at Elysian Park.

Note that if you want to watch them from Hoboken, and want to be as close as possible – find the most northern point in town – such as near the Hudson Tea Building.

Either way – Happy Independence Day!


Stuff blew up

Mobs of patriotic onlookers (and freeloaders) enjoyed a rare site on the Hudson River… I was more concerned with how my pooch Oscar was handling the barrage of deafening mortars… but I managed to snap a few photos to demonstrate how the view looked from Elysian Park – and the semi-dud of a “Grand Finale…”

Please send your (better) pics and videos to Hoboken411@gmail.com!