6/17/2009 Reminder:

Oh, one thing I left off tonight’s meeting was three “Proclamations” from departing Mayor David Roberts, as he shares pleasantries with his at-large counterparts. A rare sight to see the Mayor at our council meetings. Will Peter Cammarano attend more meetings than his predecessor?


The last meeting of the Hoboken City Council in its present form takes place Wednesday night!


Curtain Calls for two

All three Council-members-at-Large will be behind the big desk for their last time with this crew. Peter Cammarano leaves to become Mayor on July 1st. Assemblyman Ruben Ramos gives up the Council chair he’s had for 10 years to once again become a single-office holder. Terry LaBruno departs after four years as Mayor Dave Roberts’ most loyal soldier, and the only one of his 2005 team to stick with him through thick and thin.

Still no vote ahead on the Western Edge

The controversial Western Edge Redevelopment Plan is listed on the agenda again, but won’t be voted on because it still hasn’t gotten Planning Board review. It’s future is very much in doubt following the election. The current council wasn’t crazy about it in it’s present form, and the next council is likely to boot the thing altogether. If they do, the developer (Ursa/Tarragon) could then turn to the Zoning Board for variances. Then they won’t have to build the swimming pool and community center they’ve included in the project, which is ironic since one of the resolutions on the agenda would be to enter into an inter-local agreement to give Hoboken residents a modest discount to use the Secaucus pool. Since they’ll still have to pay hundreds of dollars (and drive to another town) it’s unlikely many of Hoboken’s youth will be making the trip.

Other noteworthy items…

See the rest of the agenda and resolution pack here. The meeting begins at 7pm Wednesday night at City Hall.