Share the Road signs fledgling in Hoboken

After seeing these countless times, I’m no longer sure who these “share the road” signs were intended for anymore. Is it to remind drivers about the psycho bikers? Or for cyclists who drive recklessly to remember that multi-ton, high speed “mobile devices” can kill them in an instant?

Either way – the signs are now obviously suffering from “urban decay” as this one near the Hoboken High School is marred with stickers and other (intentionally placed) dirt. Most likely some kind of food. Haha!

I still believe that the ROADS were intended primarily for motor vehicles – and instead of clamoring for bike safety – people should just assume the “bike at your own risk” mentality and be done with it.

Share the road sign vandalized in Hoboken NJ

Hoboken has “share the road” signs


Many have said that despite street markings and signage – Hoboken is not the most bike friendly town around. With double parkers, stop-sign runners, and general lack of courtesy. At the same time, bikers aren’t necessarily the friendliest either – riding on sidewalks, also violating traffic signals – and being arrogant pricks thinking the world owes them favors.

Anyway, I spotted another new “share the road” sign on Bloomfield between 11th and 12th. Most likely will be ignored by drivers.