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  1. get1out says:

    Can anyone recommend a renters insurance company? I just called Met Life and they turned me down because there is a pizza place on the ground floor of my building.

  2. Katie_Scarlett says:

    I’ve used Prudential in the past, and they’ve been good.

    Also, if you have car insurance, check with them and see if they can get you a deal (a two-for).

  3. zxcv says:

    I pay $110 per year for renter’s insurance from Allstate, and this also includes some sort of liability insurance for visiting family members. I’d have to drag out the policy to get the details, but its pretty robust.

  4. HomeTeam says:

    I use Allstate and it runs me around $105 for the year.

  5. BklynHobo says:

    I use State Farm and it’s about $110 for the year. I did it because I have my car insurance through them and I got a good discount for that.

  6. ownedby3 says:

    I have NJ Manufacturer’s and it’s $55 a year, discounted with auto insurance too.

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