Maxwell Place Pier update

6/8/2010 Update:

Old news resurfaces at Washington Times…

Blame iPhones and other technology, because some folks have attention spans two minutes long.

The Washington Times “picked up” on the facts that Hoboken411 had well over three years ago (in the Maxwell Place Archives) – that Toll Brothers DID NOT have to fully pay for the waterfront amenities at Maxwell Place, because of Federal Grant monies they received.

I guess “taxpayers footing the bill” is hot news these days, regardless of how long you already knew about it…

6/26/2009 Update:

The newest section of Hoboken’s waterfront opens tomorrow, Saturday, June 27th at 11:00am.


Will this be the last ribbon-cutting?

“Maxwell Place Park, a five-acre waterfront open space, will open to the public with an official ceremony officiated by Mayor David Roberts and project principals at 11 am, Saturday, June 27th.

“This park was made possible by a public-private partnership and illustrates Hoboken’s commitment to the creation of open, public space along our majestic waterfront,” said Mayor Roberts. “This park is a key element to our promise to create nearly 20 new acres of public parks and recreational facilities.”

The two-acre final phase includes the waterfront walkway and a 570 foot pier. Previous phases have included open lawns, a toddler and pre-teen play area, a boat house and sand beach and two dog runs.

Maxwell Place Park is a result of a developer agreement between the City and project builder, Toll Brothers, to construct a public park and walkway on the site of the former Maxwell House Coffee plant.
Toll Brothers deeded the waterfront parcel to the City for use as open, public space. The waterfront walkway, which links existing sections to the north and south, was funded through federal DOT grants secured by U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and U.S. Rep. Albio Sires.

Both Menendez and Sires have been committed to the goal of a continuous public walkway from Bayonne to Edgewater along the Hudson River.”

See original “sneak peek” photo after the jump…

[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken Photo of the Day – 6/3/2009

Despite the numerous “No Trespassing” signs peppered along the chain-link fence surrounding the new pier at Maxwell Place – many residents interpreted the many unimpeded openings to the pier as “Now Open for Business,” (including me and the Hoboken411 mascot Oscar!)

A few people I spoke with agreed… perhaps the pier isn’t done yet, but the general consensus was “too much concrete” and “that’s it?”

Regardless, I’m happy this new pier is essentially ready for business – as Hoboken’s “Premier” waterfront location gets better by the month!


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24 Comments on "Maxwell Place Pier update"

6 years 21 days ago

Geeze. Could they find a lower resolution photo?

7 years 1 day ago

Usually I bitch and moan on this website, but I can’t help but look at that pier and think …

Rollerblade hockey. Play with a big kids’ ball so that it doesn’t go through the fence. If you run into a lamp post, that’s a body check from a big “enforcer” on the ice.

Yeah. That could be good.

7 years 2 days ago

What’s the point of that triangular sliver of arborvitaes that encompasses nearly half of the pier? What a waste of space!

7 years 2 days ago

Rover’s owners are to blame…too bad they don’t stick around to sniff it. Consideration for others is totally absent…enforcement of difficult proportions….they should be video taped by fixed cameras and by authorzed enforcers and when charged and found guily, large fines and community service in picking up the poop. I wonder how many of them are voters?

7 years 3 days ago

Can someone say CONCRETE. talking about being cheap with the finishes. Brick pavers and some grass and plants would have been nice there.

When people see Maxwell Place they see luxury but i see a lot of concrete, asphalt and stone. big conrete wall, weird ass conrete tree planters, concrete sidewalks, asphalt road, lots of big rocks along the water and beach, big new conrete slab of a park, big conrete slab pier.

6 years 9 months ago
spoon: dead-on What a sinfully stupid set of decisions that just screams….cheap Toll crap. On a comfortable sunny Labor Day weekend, the concrete field combined with all the concrete and glass on the building turn the place into a solar energy array. All you need to know about how stinking hot it is there, for the first time in my life I actually saw a welcome mat dried to crisp. It was on the ground in front of the ONE ground floor unit sold. I looked like a fried pork rind 😛 In response to spoon who said: Can someone… Read more »