1/11/2010 Update:

Not sure what happened, but I had a whole update – and lost the text… oh well. Here’s the photos I had… totally forgot what I had typed!

6/30/2009 Update:

Now Open

Maroon quietly opened late last week. I snapped a photo of the completed interior – but the picture magically disappeared somehow (has that ever happened to you?)

Anyway – just imagine the place with chairs and cups and stuff. And for those that are “over” all the new yogurt places – they sell some ice cream by the scoop – along with chocolate bon-bons & pastries.

Have you tried it yet? Any good?



7th & Willow much improved

Taking place of the relatively dumpy (yet useful) Bill’s Candy Corner – is Maroon.

Ready to open any day now, Maroon is primarily a coffee/tea shop with an interesting bar-like layout. I believe some kind of food morsels might be offered, but I’m not sure – I spent a total of 10 seconds on this “drive-by” entry…


Description: Coffee/Tea Shop
Address: 638 Willow Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Web: TBD

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72 Comments on "Maroon"

5 years 7 months ago

Their windows are tinted too dark. During the day the place always looks closed since it appears the lights are off.

I hope they can figure something out to fix that.

5 years 7 months ago

You must try the mochas at Maroon…they simmer 3 types of chocolate with orange peel, cinnamon and vanilla. It is the BEST relief for this cold weather!

5 years 7 months ago

I haven’t tried their coffee yet, but I’m a big fan of the lattes. And the folks behind the counter are really nice…skip Bux and give your bucks to the locals!

5 years 7 months ago

Best hot coffee in Hoboken… that dark roast flavor.

Red Haven
6 years 1 month ago

In response to the ill-informed Yes.We.Can’s latest salvo:

Yes.We.Can you fancy yourself some advanced creature when in fact you are just another elitist snob who believes everything the Zimmer cult leaders tell you about people outside of their circle. You are lucky 411 even continues to allow you here at all after the lies you have told about him and his site.

The “bullies” are those who break the post rules, seek to dominate and destroy the discourse here with multiple screen names and then cry foul when 411 finds them out and bans them for breaking the rules. Then those same people go running to other sites lying about what happened to them here and claiming they know the true identities of posters here. Even when they are proven wrong and openly declared liars (even by newspaper columnists who mock them for their arrogance) people like you who are otherwise intelligent continue to believe their bull.

For instance, you refer to me as a “clever gal” when I am and always have been a man. This stems from the lies told by the Zimmer liars about my true identity. These same Zimmer liars have even convinced Dawn of their lies. Dawn herself sent Beth Mason a letter during the runoff campaign stating that she “knew for a fact that (411 poster name) was (a real person’s name)” and proceeded to threaten legal action if Mason didn’t get that person to stop! The problem? The person Zimmer “knew for a fact” was the poster WAS NOT THAT PERSON!

So, because of the repeated lies told by people like Lenz and and his minions that you have also bought into, Dawn Zimmer has opened herself up to a defamation suit! You have clearly been suckered by the same people.

Meanwhile, this is just ridiculous and doesn’t jibe with the facts:

Well, here we go: so, I am a “hypocrite”… LOL, how rich coming from the keyboard of Red Haven. Tell me: did the centrifugal spin from Cammarano-detester to Cammarano-fan make you see stars? He was G-d’s curse on mankind until he was G-d’s gift to Hoboken? (Visions of John Kerry flipping around on his windsurf board just popped into my head). Although, technically you may be more of a “flip-flopper” than a full-blown hypocrite… I will have to consult my Webster’s.

I most certainly did not go from “Cammarano-detester to Cammarano-fan”. Please show me the post about Peter that looks anything like any post I’ve made about Beth. I did, however, take opportunities to point out the MANY hypocrisies of those who supported Zimmer under some very false pretenses, while unfairly bashing their opposition (just as they did to Mason).

I always believed the capability scale of the major Mayoral candidates was Mason first, Cammarano second, and Zimmer a distant third. Those of you who chose to turn Dawn into a cult figure will likely be disappointed in the years to come. She has already set a negative tone that will lead to the inevitable loss of her Fourth Ward seat. As with most things, she can thank her husband for that.

Y.W.C wrote: About my supporting Dawn… and? Yes? I guess that’s what happens in democracies… people support the candidate of their choice. Does that bother you? Why does it bother you? Would you be more comfortable in a different kind of society?

No, it doesn’t bother me that you supported her. It bothers me that you joined a crew that sought to destroy all others who did NOT support her through character assassination. That is hardly the hallmark of good government and reform.

Y.W.C wrote: About WT, I spoke w/a neighbor who’s lived here for 30 years about an indecipherable legal notice we all received early on, and he said WT residents always got those, and it was regarding the expansion of 33’s 2nd/ 3rd floor rear side. (Many of the homes here have 2nd/ 3rd Fl expansions). Now, since I am not nearly as clever as you, that allayed concerns about the project back then, so did not run into the loving arms of Jacoby & Myers.

It’s not about being clever. It’s about doing your due diligence and taking a walk to City Hall to look at the plans of the proposal, or at the very least showing up at the Zoning Board meeting to get a gander at the plans. You didn’t do that, so like those who don’t vote you have no right to complain about the consequences.