Carol Marsh in Hoboken: A political life in fliers


I spent some time looking back at the Hoboken411 posts of the candidates for Council-at-Large and was surprised when I realized I never got around to putting the spotlight on Carol Marsh.

Time is short, so this will be kind of a “picture essay” of her political career. You probably know Marsh is on Dawn Zimmer’s slate and has been on the council once before. She was “plucked” from obscurity in 2001 to be the lone female candidate on Dave Roberts’ first Mayoral ticket. They were elected with the full weight of the Hudson County Democratic Organization – and then-State Senator Bernie Kenny – behind them.


Then what was Carol Marsh all about?

By 2003 Marsh was persuaded to “break” from Roberts and support a group of council candidates that were weren’t happy with the way he was running the city. Among them, Beth Mason in the second ward and Ines Garcia-Keim in the fifth. Every one of them lost. In 2005, Marsh ran against Roberts for Mayor. Mason was her campaign chair and Garcia-Keim was on her council slate. They attacked the HCDO as the “county machine” that was ruining Hoboken. In response, the machine returned fire:


Roberts beat Marsh by over 1500 votes in the 2005 runoff. Carol disappeared from public view, but her political mentor Michael Lenz was already planning a comeback with the HCDO. Marsh came along for the ride, and agreed to rejoin the machine for a run for State Assembly. The same political flier maker who did the Roberts ads against her in 2005 did this ad for Marsh in 2007:


Marsh’s return to the HCDO and Mason’s decision to run her own city council campaign independent of them opened a schism between the two. Meanwhile, Marsh ran with the support of Dave Roberts and Bernie Kenny, and stood with them to endorse Frank Raia:


Many were shocked Marsh would again cozy up to Roberts. After she lost the Assembly race Marsh was made Vice Chairwoman of the HCDO. According to Dawn Zimmer’s deposition, Marsh was involved in getting HCDO support for Zimmer’s council race. Now, it’s Marsh who is on Zimmer’s ticket opposing the Mason Team effort chaired by Garcia-Keim, who may be appointed to the Second Ward seat if Mason wins the race for Mayor. That’s the Marsh story in a nutshell!

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