St Ann’s Festival

7/23/2007 Update:

After calling St. Ann’s twice today, they indicated that they were trying to keep the feast on today. However, as just heard on the live police scanner, the feast is apparently canceled (a worker told an officer on the premises).

I called again to verify and indeed the feast itself is canceled. No Zeppole’s for you tonight.

However, you’re in luck if you want to see The Nerds play! They have an indoor venue over at Shades of Hoboken at 720 Monroe Street. So check it out!

7/20/2007 Bump:

How many of you will attend this years Festival?


Here’s this years schedule. See below for the fruity nonsense regarding last year’s Bud Light Feast.

st anns 2006.JPG
From July 20th, 2007 through July 26.

Food selections include The St. Ann’s Famous Zeppole. Live music, food, games & rides, and a wacky procession through the streets. Sponsored by St. Ann’s Church. 7th & Jefferson Street.

Festival Dates:

  • Friday 7/20 – 6pm to 11pm
  • Saturday 7/21 – 1pm – 11pm
  • Sunday 7/22 – 6pm – 11pm
  • Monday 7/23 – Thursday 7/26 10am – 11pm

Musical Performances:

  • 7/20: Latino Night Johnny Ray
  • 7/21: Italian Night
    • “Uncle” Floyd Vivino
    • Michael Castaldo
    • JoAnn Robertozzi
    • Lorraine Ferro
    • Theresa Sareo
    • Daniel Ferrari
    • Jean Palumbo
    • Bob Leone
  • 7/22: Dr. K’s Motown Revue
  • 7/23: The Nerds
  • 7/24: Joey Dee and The Starliters with Special Guests
  • 7/25: Barbara Merkle and Friends
  • 7/26: Cristina Fontanelli and the Jordan Thoms Orchestra

Call 201-659-1114 for more information. See more about the history of St. Ann’s Feast HERE.

See below for some pix of the “beer tent”.

How many people actually enjoy the beer tent? And why?
It’s just crap tap beer at full price. Yeah sure it can be fun to go with the right crowd, but can also be a giant pain in the ass. Unless, of course, you really love Bud Light in plastic cups?

Description – Rides, Games, Food, Music, procession throught the streets
Address – 701 Jefferson St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 659-1114

Right outside the church

st anns.JPG

July 2006 a few pix…
st anns 2006 beer tent.JPG
st anns 2006.JPG
st anns 2006 1.JPG
st anns 2006 2.JPG

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9 years 6 months ago

They were chrging $7.00 for a Mojito! Are you kidding me? These people are going straight to HELL and St Anne won’t help you.

9 years 6 months ago

well the funnier thing is i asked for mojito last night and the bartender gave me a funny look, walked around for a bit, asked another bartender something, and came back saying they’re not making mojitos… why was it on the drink board then?!

9 years 6 months ago

Eclisastes 14:3

And the Lord said, “Lo! never shalt thou partake of the crushed mint beverage, for that which is trendy displeases me. Rather, thou shalt drink mine beer, the hearty, full-flavored, Irish brews, and thou shalt endrunken thine selves.”

9 years 6 months ago

haha i don’t care that it’s trendy, i had one for the first time last week and it was probably the second drink i’ve ever had where i actually enjoyed the taste

9 years 6 months ago

Really not that hard to make, Bacardi’s site has an awesome animation of how-to-make one:

Mint, lime, sugar (then muddle), add rum and club soda. That’s it.