Adam Gilbert at O’Donoghue’s

5/29/2009 Update:

Last month – Hoboken411 published a simple promo for local piano musician Adam Gilbert – for an event over at O’Donoghue’s….

Well – he’s playing again tonight from 9pm-10pm – and was recently featured on FUSE Network! Way to go, Adam!!(see previous updates after the jump…)


Piano Rock

I bumped into local musician Adam Gilbert on Washington Street yesterday afternoon. He was handing out CD’s with samples of his music – and promoting his show tonight at O’Donoghue’s (205 First St.) at 11pm.

Since I had never heard his music before, I had to ask him “what kind of band are you?” He said “Piano Rock” with a Billy Joel / Counting Crows type sound.

Here’s one of his favorite tracks called “All of us are missing”:


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Didn’t meet Adam but met Jason while walking home. He played some great music for us on the street. Thanks for the songs and I’m glad that I don;t live on 1st St..

Tama Murden

Interesting generational mix, Joel:Crows.

An 11:00 p.m. Fri. set…Gilbert may be keyboard-rocking….

But way too into the Land of Nod for some who might otherwise appreciate/be curious about his reference points.
Zzzz, by 11:00, Fri., after a LONG work week….

Why not an earlier Fri. set?

Hope it’s a great gig.