Ticket Bastard


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Ticket Bastard(s)

bono-is-brought-to-his-knees.jpgHave you had the joyful experience of trying to buy tickets to one of your favorite musicians through Ticketmaster recently? Just this week I tried to get tickets with a few of my friends for U2 when their world tour stops at Giants Stadium for a show on September 24th. You’d think that there would be at least 4 seats available out of 75,000 within 10 minutes of the concert going on sale, right? Wrong!

It makes me yearn for the good old days when I had to wake up at 8 AM on a Saturday and wait on line at Tower Records on Rt. 17 for a wrist band, ensuring that I’d be able to buy two to four tickets to hear some good music. Now you have to strategize: assemble your roommates, make sure mom and dad remember which time to log on and which band they’re trying to get seats for, all while you’re scrambling to log on at exactly 10 o’clock EST through five different browsers just to have a fighting chance for one overpriced, golden ticket. By 10:01 you’re frustrated because you can’t read the super secret, often made up codeword on the screen while TicketBastard’s automated message tells you for the fourth time that there is a problem with your request.

See what alternatives you have after the jump…

(Ticket Bastard, continued…)

There are alternatives, you know!

How to see live music without breaking the bank… or a hole in your wall:


  • Stay local. Contrary to popular belief there is live, original music in town (Like the Goldhawk, for instance)
  • Summertime = Free Concert Time. Check out the parks, piers and other Hoboken venues for band information as well as performance times
  • Ask around. Talk to friends, promoters, etc. who are heavily into music and try to find some new bands who haven’t “made it” yet and try to see them at a more intimate venue.
  • Real fans are rewarded! Yo La Tengo sold out Maxwell’s and I was upset but understood. Those shows were for hardcore, local fans who have supported them over the years and they were justly rewarded

The problem being that a thousand scalpers have already gobbled up the 20,000 seats that were supposed to be for fans. You never had a chance but the powers that be will never admit that. They’ll simply direct you to an auction site or second hand site that’s now selling those $50 tickets for $500. And if you’re such a big fan, what’s a little extra dough to see your favorite band? The media have recently picked up on this problem with high profile/demand artists such as Bruce Springsteen and U2 unintentionally alienating their most loyal fans even though this problem has existed for years.

STAY TUNED FOR PART II: “Shut out of local concerts?” COMING SOON!

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too bad the new album is a tanker


[quote comment=”150532″]U2 tickets for the Friday show at Giants Stadium will be among the items at the Hoboken Historical Museum’s Auction.


No Ticketmaster fees when you bid here![/quote]
This auction sounds great.


U2 tickets for the Friday show at Giants Stadium will be among the items at the Hoboken Historical Museum’s Auction.


No Ticketmaster fees when you bid here!


I have stopped using ticketmaster completely. I wait until the week of the show and go to craigslist and find an ind’l vendor, not a link to a broker. It’s a risk but so far I have been able to find anything I’ve needed and not had to paid the fees. I’m speaking only for music shows, but everyone’s been trustworthy so far. I hope Congress does something, I know Schumer is on board.


[quote comment=”149238″][quote comment=”149195″]I would love to see the system changed as well as a better system of where you can see what seats are available. [/quote]
I second that emotion. Especially for sports events, I know where I want to sit better than some half ass computer program.[/quote]

I use stubhub. For popular games/evemts, pretty expensive, but well worth the price if you can get the seats you want to the events you want. And no fear of buying fake or already scanned tickets (so far……knock on wood). But they do rip you a new one w/ the price sometimes. But great tool for getting hard to get college hoops tickets! Those puppies are rarely available at face.