Rome Pizzeria & Grill

9/10/2010 Update:

Rome Pizza is under new ownership as of August 2010. See new entry here.

7/28/2009 Update:

Oh boy. I suppose Rome Pizzeria ain’t doing too well either – seeing that the entire space is for sale for a “just reduced” quarter million dollars!

Maybe like Ali’s Lunch Truck – a PIZZA TRUCK would score MASSIVE points in this town! All year round too!

Do you think a restaurant of any kind would do well here? If so – what would be ideal?


(of course the realtor used 411 shots of the joint)

See my doughy review of the place after the jump…

4/20/2009 Update:

Working out the kinks?

Nothing is more frustrating than a meal that is difficult to eat.

Last week, I placed an order from Rome Pizzeria (large pie, half pepperoni). Perhaps the expectations were high, but I was disappointed upon opening the box. While the delivery was prompt and priced reasonably – the packaging job seemed rushed, as the pizza was jammed in the box and quite sloppy. Taste was average at best, and “doughy” most accurately describes the crust.

Since Pizza is the world’s favorite food – I’ll give them another chance. But hope they can get their act together!

See original update below…


Reason to rejoice!

Anytime a new pizza place opens anywhere in the world – it’s reason to celebrate.

This time, we’re lucky enough to have a brand new one in our very own Hoboken:

Rome Pizzeria & Grill!

Stopped in yesterday just to introduce myself – and spoke with John Lolicato and his wife, who have been quietly open for about the past week.

John was the original owner of Hoboken Pizza a decade ago – and you can tell, because the sauce at Rome Pizza is very similar (good – but I ate it cold!) They’ll eventually get a new sign for the building, but you know what a hassle that is – and the old City Diner sign is actually still drawing attention!

I didn’t have much time to chat since a friend was waiting in the car out front, but they’re open till 10pm weeknights (with later weekend hours). Give it a shot and share your opinions in the comment section!

Description: God’s gift to planet earth: Pizza.
Address: 20 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-9600

6 years 10 months ago

wonder how it compares to subway pizza

6 years 10 months ago

it’s a Pizza diner! I love the counter!

6 years 10 months ago

[quote comment=”145449″]it’s a Pizza diner! [/quote]
This is almost as cool as a nacho cheese volcano [at a wedding]!

6 years 10 months ago

I have visited this place on 2 occassions and the pizza has been good so far….its nice to finally have a place in town that has good slices….is it me or is it tough to find a good slice in this town?, especially late nights. Imposto’s aint gonna cut it…..

6 years 10 months ago

I’m excited to try this place out too. Imposto’s is gross (JMO of course), and cant stand the meat that comes in from North Jerz and starts problems on Fri/Sat night there.

So far the best slices I’ve had are from Benny’s and 7 Stars, Rome is up next!