6/2/2009 Update:


Back in March, Hoboken411 told you that this location on the corner of First and Willow would be a hair salon – and lo behold – it’s a hair salon called “Sparkle Salon!”

I’m not sure if they teach marketing, branding, and overall retail concepts in Beauty School – but if I wasn’t paying attention, a quick glance at this shop would lead me to believe they sell signs, type-faces and party favors. No offense, but some of the most successful hair salons in Hoboken just have one single sign with their name, and let their street-cred do the rest of the work. Why the need for such verbiage? Is competition that fierce?


Description: Hair Salon offering a plethora of beauty services
Address: 301 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-9585


More people = more hair salons

Unless everyone’s hair falls off simultaneously (and permanently) – the need for barbers and hair salons will always be there.

Spoke with a worker last week – and asked “when is it going to be ready? A couple months?” He replied – “no, I think in a couple weeks.”

Either he doesn’t know Hoboken – or these types of businesses are a snap to build!