The Taco Truck Update

July 9th: Taco Truck grounded at 62 Newark St. in Hoboken

The Taco Truck, a culinary force that has brought authentic Mexican street food and sustainably responsible cuisine to Hoboken and Jersey City since September 2009, is opening its first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Hoboken on Friday, July 9th.

See sneak preview of what the interior looks like below:

Previous updates and menu preview after the jump!

5/28/2010 Update:

The Taco Truck downtown coming June 2010!

Back in December 2009, Hoboken411 first told you that The Taco Truck (TTT) was opening up a permanent downtown location at the old Whore Kebab House (62 Newark St.)

Now – get an exclusive 411 sneak peek at their EXPANDED menu when they open near the end of June 2010!

They’re aiming for the 3rd week of June – but the usual Hoboken delays has a chance of throwing it off.

12/16/2009 Update:

It’s official – Taco Truck has a home!

Have known about this for quite a while – but now it’s official: The Taco Truck will now also have a permanent brick & mortar home at the old Kebab House location (62 Newark Street).

Finally, it’ll be nice to be able to find them when you need to, as well as order delivery! Hooray!

The Taco Truck coming to the old kebab house location in Hoboken NJ


Taco Truck TV Stars!

Our beloved Taco Truck was featured on ABC News last week. Have you tried it yet? **Fantastic Salsa!**

You can also see the online story here.


Taco Truck Pinball

Well, well, well – it wouldn’t be Hoboken without some kind of new restaurant debacle. Just like Ali’s Lunch truck was hassled, it seems as if Rome Pizzeria is angry that a tasty new food choice has arrived in town.

Last week, The Taco Truck was setup a block from the PATH station, but now was forced to move along the waterfront by Pier A Park – because Rome Pizza once again complained out of jealousy that a nearby business is succeeding.

We need some kind of “Mobile Food Vendor” zoning allowances in Hoboken! How about that? Where would you set it up?

First impressions: Ain’t no Taco Bell!

Sampled a couple items from the Taco Truck yesterday, and wow, was impressed!

For one – you need to try the chipotle salsa – out of this world! When they make large containers available for purchase, I’ll be the first one in line. I also tasted some soft Carnitas Michoacan tacos… very fresh and flavorful. I say “ain’t no Taco Bell” for a reason, because this isn’t Americanized tex-mex. It’s just delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine you may not be accustomed to. Fantastic!

NOTE: if you don’t catch them today – you’ll have to wait till Tuesday to see them again…

10/5/2009 Update:

The Taco Truck is here! Parked in front of the Post Office on River Street!

9/30/2009 Update:

We have lift off!

Well the wait is nearly over – The Taco Truck (mobile edition) should be making regular appearances in Hoboken (down by the PATH) this week. From what I understand, it’s already been testing out the Jersey City market at lunch times, and should be parked near the central commuting hub of Hoboken between 4-9pm starting this Thursday or Friday.

Brick and mortar location is also right around the corner as well. More on that later!

Hoboken411 reader Lauren spotted the completed Taco Truck along Adams Street yesterday. Full menu and review to follow soon – and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!


9/11/2009 Update:

The Taco Truck will be rolling in late September

Jason Scott – founder of the upcoming Taco Truck chimed in today to tell me that they’re getting close to having the truck ready to roll (and still working hard to solidify a brick & mortar location in Hoboken).

While they do that – they want YOUR help in deciding what design to use on their Taco Truck! Vote below – and stay tuned for future updates on the Taco Truck!


Which Taco Truck design is your favorite?

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Please make this a reality!

Hoboken resident Jason Scott has a dream.

That dream is to start a new business in town called The Taco Truck. Two years in the making, he’s finalized the concept, formed a team, has the website in place. The only problem is raising capital in this down market. He wants to pass this message on:

“Dear Hoboken411 readers,

My name is Jason Scott and I am the founder of The Taco Truck, a fast casual Mexican concept bringing authentic Mexican tacos to Hoboken, Jersey City and beyond. I have been working on this project for the past two years and have been raising money for the project for the last four months. We were very confident that we could raise the funds necessary to bring this winning concept to Hoboken but found ourselves in the toughest economic environment to raise money in decades. We have however raised over half of the funds from angel investors and I am writing in the hopes that someone reading this will be as inspired as we are to join The Taco Truck team.

I have included our Executive Summary with some details omitted and would be happy to provide additional materials to anyone interested in seeing more. Thanks again for reading and we look forward to bringing Hoboken truly authentic tacos.

Please check out our website at


Man – this establishment would seriously do great in Hoboken. I was drooling just looking at the proposed menu. Let’s hope he succeeds!


(The Taco Truck, continued…)

Executive Summary

At the core of The Taco Truck concept is its food – a contemporary take on the simple dishes that proliferate throughout the concept’s originating regions. Offerings ranging from tacos and tamales to tortas and tostones will be prepared using traditional techniques from the West, combined with the fresh local ingredients of the Northeast. The concept will whet the appetites of a demographic that is proven to gravitate toward ethnic Mexican cuisine, but is unable to obtain it prepared the way it was intended. The Taco Truck focuses on natural ingredients and pure flavor. As other chains serving “Mexican food” overstuff their burritos and hide the processed flavor of their ingredients, The Taco Truck will layer pure clean flavors together, creating a celebration for the palate.


Beyond the food, The Taco Truck will buck the norm in the fast-casual restaurant space by focusing on sound environmental practices. The Earth provides the ingredients paramount to the restaurant’s success, and everything possible will be done to preserve its future. Each location of The Taco Truck will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified and fully committed to implementing best Green practices in all aspects of business. Beyond doing the right thing behind closed kitchen doors, the restaurant will serve as a rallying point for consumers dedicated to giving back to the environment.

taco-truck-logo.jpgWhat the concept does is supplemented by how and where it will be done. The Taco Truck will set new standards in the world of multi-unit concepts by creating an engaging lifestyle venue where much more happens than eating. Through in-store programs and a heavy emphasis on branding, consumers will be able to engage with the brand by voting for their favorite tacos, reading the chef’s blog, watching cooking shows online and giving back to their own communities under the name of The Taco Truck These elements, which are all critical to The Taco Truck brand, lend themselves to a concept that will resonate with consumers across the country, creating a loyal following. People that value authentic flavors, quality ingredients, healthier options and forward-thinking practices will be given a solution for satisfying a hunger for delicious tacos while also enhancing their lifestyles.

In addition to brick-and-mortar restaurant locations, The Taco Truck will boast a mobile kitchen unit, intended not only as a mobile marketing vehicle, but as a revenue-driver. The flagship restaurant will include a commissary kitchen that will support multiple locations and trucks. Revenue will be generated not only through the stores themselves, but also via the trucks and catering services. Subsequent locations will benefit from the assets already created, including branding, marketing collateral, architectural designs, LEED and Green standards and practices, and our back and front of the house systems. Once established in the flagship location of Hoboken, NJ, The Taco Truck will move this business plan to other major markets.


The management team is poised to make The Taco Truck a prominent, national brand. Jason Scott, the founder and Chief Executive Officer is a successful entrepreneur in the retail industry. He is a partner at Urban Angler, the nations fourth largest fly fishing retailer, as well as co-founder of J Fisher, Urban Angler’s online and catalog division–opening the door to a global market. Anthony Ferrari, our Chief Operations Officer brings both front and back of the house experience most recently as a Food and Beverage Director for China Grill Management. Anthony’s experience in launching new restaurants is apparent in his integral role for the opening teams for Ian Schrager’s Gramercy Park Hotel; Todd English’s English is Italian, Sam Hazen’s Rue 57 and Maria Giordano’s Va Tutto. Chef Jason Potter, our Chief Culinary Visionary has cooked as executive sous chef alongside some of the most recognizable names in the restaurant industry including Todd English and David Bouley, to name a few. Chef Potter’s dedication, leadership and passion in the kitchen have been much sought-after. Chef English and Chef Pelaccio requested that he take a lead role in the opening of their restaurants English Is Italian, Borough Food and Drink and Chop Suey. Shachar Gillat, our Marketing Director and Gustavo Valladares, our Creative Director, are strategic communicators and integrated marketing experts. Their experience includes working on brands, such as HBO, American Express, Columbia University, and Merrill Lynch.

The Taco Truck has assembled a leading team of advisors that believe in and support our mission, namely: Jeff Zurofsky, Managing Partner of ‘wichcraft, Tom Colicchio’s fast casual concept; Frank P. Lattuca, Professor Emertius and Department Head for ten years of The Hospitality and Tourism Management Department at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, as well as a successful restaurant and catering business owner; and Ziv Gillat, co-founder and VP of Business Development of Eye-Fi, Inc., a wireless technology company. Their expertise and guidance are paramount to the success of The Taco Truck concept.

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Just said ‘I hear I’m late.’ Kids in bed. Thanks. For nothing.


Insane 3 hours for food delivery. Did you have backup? Or empty refrigerator and cupboard? You should get free food for a month straight from them.


Seriously. Put a delivery in. 3 follow ups. 3 hours late. Wrong food. Really. No apology from guy. WTF


My first impression includes both pros and cons. The pro is that the food really is good. Unfortunately they were out of the tamales (tsk, tsk) but the dishes we had, some kind of small taco called hongos and a sandwich called tortas, were fresh and tasty. So was the corn salad. The cons: the tables are really crammed together. If you plan on eating in and there is a crowd, you WILL get to know your neighbor–it’s very tight. Next, they should really give out utensils, not make you go back and ask for them. Mexican food is messy–even if you eat it with your hands, things will fall out and you’ll need a fork to scoop it up. And a knife isn’t a bad thing to have either if you don’t want to rip off pieces with your hands. The wait for food was a little longer than I would have liked in what is basically a fast food place, and if they are going to make you listen for your name to be called, they may want to try turning down the music a bit so people can hear their names. And lastly, when there is a line, you have to ask people to move out of the way to throw your garbage out, because it’s right behind that line. I’ll definitely go back though. It’s a good addition to that area.


These are the first tacos I have ever had where they actually braise the beef properly.

Every other place I’ve been to, you get some kind of tough, watery shreds of meat that are barely seasoned. That’s NOT braised, that’s some crap cooking in a pot on a stove for a couple hours.

Thanks for taking the time Taco Truck.


We ordered for delivery last night. It is as good as the truck. Some people are saying it is over-hyped or over-priced, but I think this is bang-on perfect. I wish them the best of luck and hopefully they are around for the long haul.