6/18/2009 Update:

This spot is doomed!

I’m telling you – I’m keeping this picture below on hand as the permanent stock photo for this location. The FOURTH business in less than three years to close up shop on the southwest corner of 14th and Bloomfield is Good Breed. About six months in, and brown paper on the windows again.

What business would succeed at this teeny-tiny spot?


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I stopped into the latest store to take over the very doomed corner of 14th and Bloomfield this week: Good Breed.


What is Good Breed?

As many of you know, this location has been home to a few failed business already in the past three years: My Urban Auctioneer (eBay store), Santa Fe Touch (Jewelry – I thought that was a good store), and the “Life” clothing store.

Now the nondescript corner spot has a couple clothing items inside. I thought it was “still in progress,” but it’s certainly open for business. I spoke with Dennis, one of the owners for a few seconds this week. I asked what would describe their clothing line. “Classic” was the answer given. He seemed like a really nice guy, but I was wondering if any more decorations or additions were going to be made, and it didn’t appear that way. I asked how much a basic men’s button down shirt was: “$100.” There were a few accessories and a ladies item or two as well.

The website is www.goodbreed.net and is still under construction.

(Good Breed, Hoboken – continued…)


Description: Clothing store.
Address: 1320 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-683-9261
Web: www.goodbreed.net