Otto Strada coming to 8th & Park

Otto Strada is new Italian Eatery at 8th & Park

Quick update: Hoboken411 reader Paul tipped us off today that this “restaurant in limbo” at 743 Park finally has a name: Otto Strada.

With any luck, they’ll be open soon. But if we based it on previous track record, the first appetizer will roll out of the kitchen in 2015.

Otto Strada Hoboken NJ 743 Park Avenue

Description: Italian Eatery
Address: 743 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

Another Italian restaurant in Hoboken?

12/11/2012 Update:

Boy, this location at 8th & Park has been in limbo for a long time – until recently. What was almost “Black Tea Optional” for close to four years looks like it’s ready to become some kind of Italian restaurant / eatery – according to what workers on scene told Hoboken411 this week.

I sure hope it’s not another Italian “deli,” and more like a formal sit down place. Because we already have Mario’s Pizza and Lisa’s Deli each just a block away!

Maybe this might work for the lazy sloths that think Washington Street is too far away and painfully uphill?

(411 Note: Below are just historical notes for this spot – “Black Tea Optional” never came to fruition)

What is taking so long for Black Tea Optional?

1/26/2011 Update:

Well over two years ago – a new sign adorned the side of this building at 8th and Park Streets in Hoboken: “Black Tea Optional – coming winter 2008.”

It’s still not open yet – hence my sarcastic caption in the recent photo below:

Black Tea Optional set to open in Hoboken


Even with tough economic times – new businesses are opening left and right in Hoboken!


A new coffee/tea/sweets shop with a clever name, “Black Tea Optional” is coming to the former Park Ave Grill / Mr. Wraps location across the street from the former Park Ave. Grill / Mr. Wraps location at 743 Park Avenue (corner of 8th.)

Hoboken411 reader elainetyger said:
“There’s a construction permit in the window – Please dear Jesus Mohammed and Buddha, no Stop Work Orders!!!

Their website shows only 3 kinds of chocolate mixtures as the foods right now. I emailed them suggesting pastry at least in the morning as their is nothing to eat in the morning on 8th Street west of Washington all the way to the light rail.”

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3 years 8 months ago

I miss Gobi, the Mongolian BBQ that used to be across the street. I can’t believe that space is still empty.

3 years 8 months ago
I miss lots of restaurants no longer in Hoboken. Gobi was great when they began, but when the family who owned it traveled overseas, they left it to management who did not manage to the family’s standard, and even someone like me who dined there 3 times a week, just couldn’t go any longer when management went downhill. If you ever watched them cook on the large round drums, that’s the real thing. The husband was a musician who performed all over asia. The wife, IIRC, was in cosmetics at one point. So they traveled all over asia performing on tour. On one of their trips, they fell in love with the whole Mongolian BBQ thing, bought the cooking drums and brought them to Hoboken themselves and started up one of the great in-neighborhood restaurants. All the meats were thinly sliced and rolled, then immediately frozen and kept that way til dinner buffet. When they traveled overseas and left it to management, the hired help seamed to leave the meats out all day and when you put it into the large bowls, it was soggy and didn’t smell so good. Same goes for all the other ingredients. The sauces were… Read more »
3 years 8 months ago

circa 1983–L’Apricot

7 years 9 months ago

[quote comment=”120184″][quote comment=”120146″]Unfortunately for this new place I heard the owner is a real nasty, arrogant, money grubbing SOB, who has little or no friends and is disliked by the few that remain by her. I feel bad for the property owners who plan to rent the space, they are in for one fine mess![/quote]

Maybe it’s the Grinch in disguise? I say we sweeten the owner right up, then! :D[/quote]
[quote comment=”120157″][quote comment=”120146″]Unfortunately for this new place I heard the owner is a real nasty, arrogant, money grubbing SOB, who has little or no friends and is disliked by the few that remain by her.[/quote]

Owner of Liberty Bar? :twisted:[/quote]

Worse then the Grinch and not the L.B. owner! This one makes Leona Helmsley look like Mother Theresa! Think of the worse person you know and times that by 1000!

7 years 9 months ago

No pressure, 411!