Chandelier Room at W Hotel closing in Hoboken after 4 years

With the exception of the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball happening this Tuesday night, the Chandelier Room over at the W Hotel is closing down forever on Saturday, December 28th.

Chandelier Room closes in Hoboken NJ

Drug use, fights, complaints from neighbors dooms Chandelier Room

Word on the street is that this venue just couldn’t continue anymore for several reasons. One, it was considered a “top spot” for heavy drug use (cocaine usually), and the landscape was peppered with fights and unruly crowds often – with almost weekly police presence.

This, on top of a multitude of complaints from nearby neighbors caused the owners at EMM Group to close the doors on this troubled venue. Revenue was apparently down significantly since they opened because the “wow” factor and newness wore off entirely as the “trendy” people found other places to trash.

They’re apparently going to “re-think” this space whatever that means. Perhaps a calmer venue, or something entirely different.

Are you sad to see the Chandelier Room go?

Chandelier Room Closing Hoboken NJ W Hotel EMM Group

3/27/2009 Update:

Despite loud construction noises reported last night – The W Hotel is expected to open TODAY – including this swanky “high end” club…

Fill in the blank: “I’m sure the Chandelier Room will be a magnet for ________________ “



“Chandelier Room” coming to Hoboken’s W Hotel?

Page Six in The NY Post had a one line blurb yesterday about Hoboken’s W Hotel – saying that the owners of the swanky Tenjune nightclub in NYC’s meatpacking district are opening up a new club called the “Chandelier Room.”

Now I’m personally never impressed with these highfalutin “rooms” where people stand around and look at each other pay exorbitant prices for liquor and snort all sorts of drugs. Certainly some folks become enamored by flashy people and semi-celebrities showing off – but I shrug my shoulders and move along.

When you’re suffering in bed the next morning with that god-awful hangover – will “last night” actually help make it easier? I didn’t think so.

Hoboken NJ

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