Smoking Ban – What next?

As an update to this original post from last month, it's now official. No success from the lobbyists trying to delay the law. Smoking banned in Hoboken and the rest of NJ bars as of this Saturday the 15th at Midnight.

I'm sure most of you are excited, but I think this whole thing is getting nonsensical. There could have been a better way. Like certain days of the week. A compromise. Something. Now our civil liberties are getting squished further and further.


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More and more communities and cities are voting to take away our freedom. As it stands now, New Jersey's smoking ban goes in effect on April 15th. The legislators and lobbyists are driving me mad. This should be the sequel to "V for Vendetta". What is happening here? vendetta.jpg Here's a current news article discussing the coalition that formed to send the smoking ban up in smoke.

– A coalition of bars, restaurants and bowling alley operators wants to send the state's indoor smoking ban up in smoke.

They've filed a federal lawsuit to strike down the ban, calling it unconstitutional.The ban goes into effect April 15th. It bans smoking in indoor places with the exception of casino floors in Atlantic City.The owner of Lorenzo's Restaurant in Trenton said the exclusion gives the casinos an unfair advantage.

New Jersey is the eleventh state to impose such a ban. But it's the first to explicitly exempt casinos.

A judge could strike down the casino exemption or send it back to the Legislature or uphold the ban.

I don't know, if were Tony Soprano, I'd ice these guys in a heart beat. Take a look at this town in California!!

Public Smoking Ban Starts Friday By Shawn McGinnis, KTLA News March 15, 2006, 6:22 PM PST CALABASAS — A first of its kind ban on smoking in all public places goes into effect Friday in Calabasas. The city's anti-smoking measure promises to make Calabasas the first virtually smoke-free city in the country by banning smoking on sidewalks, bus stops, parks, outdoor businesses, restaurant patios and condominium common areas. Smoking will be allowed only in designated areas at shopping malls or at work. Last month, California air-quality regulators became the first in the country to declare secondhand smoke a toxic air pollutant. The Calabasas ordinance cites 52,000 non-smokers killed each year by secondhand smoke, including 3,000 from lung cancer. But not everyone agrees with the new law. It will be the responsibility of Calabasas business owners to enforce the ban in their establishments. Many of them say they plan to look the other way. However, members of the general public may report breaches of the law to authorities. Violators could be fined up to $500, while repeat offenders could face jail time.

Ok, let's start with the most retarded part of this new ban – "Violators could be fined up to $500, while repeat offenders could face jail time." Jail time?? Have they nothing better to do in Calabasas, CA? Friggin LIBERALS!! Don't you think it should be the business owners choice? I really don't like the government telling a person how to run their establisment. Smoking may be bad for your health, but it shouldn't be criminalized. The government doesn't need a say in every aspect of our lives. And you call America a "Free Country"? The news articltle SHOULD have read: "Following the passage of a new city ordinance, smokers are forbidden to publically smoke in the city of Calabasas California. or as I refer to it: Nazi Germany." "Ridiculous, completely ridiculous!"

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9 years 10 months ago

This is just another example of our once great country slipping into the trash heep of once great civilizations.

The lawsuit will fail because they are attacking these liberals with the wrong argument of “it is unfair”, They will just say it is.

what they need to do is argue a claim against private property rights. The governement has no right to tell a land owner what they can do on their own property.

But that was in the old America. Now you do not even own your property…. BYE, BYE, Mrs. American Pie!

9 years 10 months ago

Personally I think a ban on smoking in public places is a good thing. Sure, you have a right to smoke but equally I have a right not to be affected by your smoke and also not to have my environment polluted by discarded cigarette butts. More people don’t smoke than do, so majority rules in public places. Smoke your head off in your own home, go for it, doesn’t bother me.

8 years 2 months ago

How are businesses doing since the ban?? I see that Colorado bars are trying to change the law back.

strand tramp
8 years 2 months ago

depends on the weather and the type of crowd they attract. elysian no problem…OD’s has problems.