Readerpix: Old Brandt School photo


Hoboken411 reader Rob sent in this picture classic Brandt School Photo from way back!

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 10/30/2008

“Here’s a shot of Mr. Martins class from Brandt school back in the early 70’s I’m sure some of these people are recognizable! I wonder how many of them are still in town?”

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  1. strand tramp says:

    front row, third from left…that is Rosanne RosannaDanna !!!

  2. 9 says:

    1970s fashion … YIKES! 😯

  3. 73Chevy says:

    I graduated A.J. Demarest the same year, this class was my High School Graduating Class (3) years later I know most of them. Still see some of them around.

  4. justaview says:

    Mr. Martin was one of the coolest teacher’s in Brandt school. 8)

  5. justaview says:

    Eddie Velasquez, Frankie Mazzo, Tom Webb, Joe Reyes, Kevin Billis, Lloyd Alcon, Mike Bufis, Michael Carl, Felix Rivera, most of them were from 10th and Willow. What a crew!

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