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Barack Obama CaricatureIn case anyone is wondering – I’m still “undecided” who I’m voting for in the Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 4th. There is so much spin out there on the airwaves – you really don’t know what to believe. There is so much going on behind the scenes in the U.S. Government that is unknown to the standard citizen.

But after watching Barack Obama’s half hour TV special last night – I truly think he has the best campaign ideas. Whether he’s able to carry out his “plan” is another thing entirely (you know – all plans start out ambitious). And how that affects the country as a whole, the economy, etc. is completely unknown. But it seems to me, that perhaps Obama does care about this country – and the “change” he proposes, might actually bring respect back to our country (either that – or he’s a Academy Award winning actor!)

With that being said – Here’s a little survey for the Pro-Obama readers out there… perhaps you can address these questions simply in the comments section. Help us undecided voters make a choice.

Reader Survey: Questions about Obama

  • Tax Cuts: How much will a family expect save under Obama’s plan? Will the “wealthy” get creative, and figure out ways to pay less taxes as well? Will our overall tax revenue as a country decline or remain level?
  • Green Jobs: Can they really create an average of 100,000 new jobs per U.S. State? If so, how long will this take?
  • “Shining the light”: We all know that government in America is probably one of the most corrupt organizations in the world (just look at Hoboken). How in the world is he going to be able to get a grasp on that?
  • Health Care: Obama’s plan to address the problems in Health Care is certainly aggressive. Do you think he’ll be able to successfully tackle the insurance and pharmaceutical giants?
  • Foreign Oil: While I don’t believe the “global warming” theory, is his plan to reduce “dependency” on foreign oil realistic? Would that affect local prices at the pumps?
  • Tackling poverty: Sure, minimum wage is not enough for most people to earn enough to be above the poverty line – but while there are honest hard-working people out there – there are also many folks that spend their money unwisely (drugs, alcohol, etc) – He can address the financial aspect of poverty – but what about the mental aspect?
  • War in Iraq: While Obama shares the same “anti-terrorism” mentality that all Americans should have – are his expectations to end the war in Iraq – thus saving billions – realistic? Can he “secure loose nuclear materials” from terrorists in four years? Do we even know where they are? If elected – what are the chances we’ll go to war with Iran – or any other country?

Lastly – if you’re an Obama supporter – what single “event” (or failed action) would make you second guess your choice if he’s elected? Would it be war with another country? Failure to pass (insert bill here)?

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6 years 10 months ago

Response to post in the “tax bill shock” thread – moved it here at the suggestion of Monk

[quote comment=”115970″]It was Bush and the Republicans who spent like Dave Roberts. They have put our federal government in tremendous debt. Clinton had left the economy in good shape and brought the debt down from the Republicans before him. Roberts spends like a Republican President of the last couple of decades not a Democrat. McCain, who has only broken away from Bush lately as a campaign device, is the one to fear. As for me, I don’t earn a quarter of a million dollars a year or more, so I will pay less federal taxes under Obama. (And he won’t ruin health care in this country as McCain would with his plan.) So I, like just about everyone I know (including my parents who were life-long Republicans until Bush showed them the error of their ways), will be voting for Obama.[/quote]

How is McCain going to ruin healthcare? He is just taxing you on the healthcare benefits you get AND giving you a massive tax deduction to compensate you for the change in the tax treatment of these healthcare benefits. The average person will actually pay less in taxes b/c the tax benefit of that deduction is actually much larger than the taxes you would pay if you were taxed on the “value” of that health coverage you already get from your employer with no off-setting deduction. The purpose of this change is so that all people are treated the same for tax purposes when it comes to healthcare benefits. Right now only people who get health coverage through their employer gets favorable tax treatment. Anyone who goes out and buys insurance on their own gets completely screwed b/c they have to buy it w/ their “after tax” income, yet you get it “pre-tax”. In effect, the current tax system discriminates againts people who buy their own coverage. As more and more people have to go out and purchase their own coverage, this tax change is actually quite beneficial. Most economists (including some of Obama’s top advisors) have long advocated such a change.

Here is a cut & paste on the topic: “The fact that the tax subsidy, which supports the employer-sponsored system, is better than nothing is a feeble excuse for resisting any changes to the status quo.” That’s not John McCain’s judgment. It’s a quote from Jason Furman, who happens to be Mr. Obama’s economic policy director. In a cri de coeur published in the journal Democracy in 2006, Mr. Furman implored fellow Democrats and other progressives to confront “a critical missing link” in their health ideology — the same link his boss now spends most of his time demagoguing.

Mr. Furman used to portray the current system as regressive, inequitable and a subsidy for health plans that insulate consumers from the cost of their care, thus inflating health spending. When he was director of the Brooking Institution’s Hamilton Project, Mr. Furman outlined a health reform — again using tax credits — that took the “sensible approach” of “exposing individuals to the price of health care through greater cost sharing.”

When President Bush unveiled a health reform similar to Mr. McCain’s in 2007, Mr. Furman co-authored a Tax Policy Center paper that called it “innovative and a step in the right direction.” As recently as May, he published a long article in Health Affairs on the possibilities of health-care tax reform.

What a difference an election makes. “The choice you’ll have,” Mr. Obama warned of the McCain plan during one of the debates, “is having your employer no longer provide you health care.” Sounds terrible. But wait, let’s consult another one of Mr. Obama’s advisers. David Cutler, the Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics at Harvard, put it this way: “Health insurance is not something that is made better by tying it to employment. As a result, essentially all economists believe that universal coverage should be done outside of employment.”

That passage comes from Mr. Cutler’s 2004 book, “Your Money or Your Life,” which outlined a strategy for universal health care. Not surprisingly, Professor Cutler’s plan, like Mr. McCain’s, also applied subsidies such as “tax credits — people get a lower tax bill, or a refund from the government, to be used to purchase insurance.” In this he was echoing many other liberal health experts such as MIT’s Jonathan Gruber, another Democratic policy star.

End of cut & paste: full text is here,

Obama’s plan is much more disasterous. He in effect wants all of us to enroll in government sponsored single payer system like Medicare. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of a bloated inefficient healthcare provider that goes “low bid” and barely compensates healthcare providers for the cost of care taking care of me. And I certainly don’t like the idea of care being rationed through the use of long wait times like they do over in CAN or the UK. I’ll happily opt out of this and every/any other social welfare program if given the opportunity (of course, I won’t be given the opportunity b/c they need my tax dollars to pay for all this cr*p).

And if I were you, I would worry less about what Bush DID, and focus more on what the 2 candidates promise to DO. Obama is promising to spend a whole lot more than McCain will. So if you don’t like the way Bush spent money, then I am a bit confused as to why you would vote for a guy that makes Bush look like a cheapskate.

6 years 10 months ago

[quote comment=”115949″]Sarah Palin believes that the media is violating her 1st Amendment rights.

The 1st Amendment is so sexist.

6 years 10 months ago
6 years 10 months ago

Brian g….so happy to see you post here again. I’ve missed the chats on the other board that you articulated so well 😀

6 years 10 months ago

wow, I’m shocked that she knew what the 1st amendment rights are. Funny how when the media attacks she never said that was their 1st amendment rights.