Hoboken Health Clubs / Gyms / Trainers

Hoboken Health Clubs, Gyms and Personal Trainers

RushCycling (new!)
Club H Fitness
Club KO (2)
CrossFit Hoboken
Hoboken Swimming Pool
Hudson Athletic Club
JCF Boot Camp for Women (new!)
Koko FitClub
LA Boxing
New York Sports Club
Sky Club Fitness and Spa
Stevens’ Aquatics
Supreme Fitness

Gala Pilates
Harmony Pilates, LLC
ImPower Pilates
Premier Pilates & Training
Renaissance Pilates

Andrew Schmarje (private, in-home)
Annatomy Lab Personal Training, LLC
Hoboken Family Fitness
Hoboken Fitness
Lelia Marcus
Master Personal Training Network, LLC
Personal Trainer – Mara Kimowitz
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist
Women’s Personal Training

Hoboken Gyms no longer open

Empire Fitness Clubs

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7 years 9 months ago

I’ve been trying to quit Empire Fitness for over three months. I had heard that doing so is akin to a divorce, so I read the contract closely in order to do it correctly. My first attempt was foiled by the fact that they apparently switch their corporate office, where the “certified letter with return receipt” is received. I have read that their corporate office has been as far away as Arizona, but when I started my quixotic quest, it was Brooklyn. On my second attempt, I was told that it is in New Jersey, and the post office return… Read more »

7 years 9 months ago

Before calling a lawyer and wasting money – call their corporate office (if possible, if not, call the local gym) and state what you stated above (about the letter being delivered) and that your next step (if you’re not immediately refunded the money) will be to contact the Better Business Bureau and the NJ State Fraud Commission (I made up this name, but I’m sure a little digging will allow you to find the state agency to threaten them with).

7 years 7 months ago

Hey guys, help me out here if possible. Moving to town in August and looking for a place to train.
I’m sure this has all been discussed before, but looking for a place on way to PATH station, maybe Club H, Supreme Fitness, Empire, or HAC.
Anyone know if there’s an initiation fee, what monthly dues are, etc.
Thanks very much, appreciate the feedback.

7 years 7 months ago

Club H is right near the PATH, best gym I’ve ever belonged to.

It’s a bit more than some of the others, about $100. Well worth it.

7 years 7 months ago

Go to club H, its big, clean and has great equipment….nysc near the path is in a basement that leaks every time it rains and has poor circulation, you will soon see the windows int eh entraceway all fogged up from the sweat downstairs which is digusting…..empire fitness is a sh1thole and not near the path(see the thread for empire) and HAC is on 4 floors and none of the proper equipment is near one another, so if you’re doing chest, you are busy running stairs throughout your workout. Hope this helps.