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  1. carrie says:

    ANYONE know what is goin on with the restaurant?? Is it going to open? Is it going to be the same owners as Anthony David’s?? This is ridiculous, its been 2 years!

  2. mercys says:

    “1st Floor common space includes a Bistro, Bakery, Deli, Nail Salon, and Dry Cleaners”

    Does it have any of this? I only know of the Nail Salon.

  3. carrie says:

    Just a nail salon and dry cleaners, no deli, restaurant, or bakery! So sad to mention it when they were selling the condos and set such false hopes..

  4. westy says:

    The SkyClub is the perfect example of why a big tall buildings don’t make a community.

    We have a chance to redevelop the SW with a sensible plan of the entire SW but the Mayor Roberts has slammed the backroom door on the public’s input and the 4th Ward councilman has remained silent.

  5. MileSquareGuy says:

    Among all the buildings in Hoboken, the sales atmosphere at the Sky Club has been one of the most dramatic in town. Taking into account the sum of all the opinions of my clients that have considered purchasing in the Sky Club, there seems to be a “Love/Hate Relationship” with the building. More than one of my clients have moved within the building to larger units. Other clients will not even consider the building for a variety of reasons (aversion to high rise buildings or its location as far back as you can get). Objectively speaking, Sky Club is one of the only high rise buildings in Hoboken which can offer the opportunity to buy a wonderful view of Manhattan. It is one of less than 10 buildings in the city with both a doorman and shuttle to the Path. The pool at the Sky Club gym ranks as one of the six in our Mile Square.

    Pre-construction sales on the east building started in September 2003. Its first residence would not move in until over a year later. The west building already slated as rentals, were eventually sold as condos around the time the Toll Brothers bought the project from the local developer that started it. Both buildings experienced rapid appreciation until the market slowdown arrived in Fall 2005. Take a look at some of the peak prices achieved in the Spring 2005.

    11J $629,000
    13K $629,000
    10Q $603,000
    4A $625,000
    15G $639,000
    10J $690,000

    As the local real estate market cooled, buyer demand tapered resulting in higher inventories. At one point in the spring of 2006, Sky Club had approximately 10% of the building listed for resale. By the end of 2006, units started to sell again. At present time(Aug. 2007), there are 6 units listed for sale.

  6. LynnZe says:

    Don’t realtors belong on Kannet? Take your ads somewhere else loser. :roll:

  7. matt_72 says:

    Yeah – we all love to hate this building. I so hope they don’t build any more of these monstrosities in town. We have enough tall buildings that block out the sun. Please, all you policians, no more! Count me as one voter who will vote absolutely against anyone supporting any massive building project over 6 stories. So those of you supporting Taragon in the far NW & anyone supporting large scale development in SW, you have lost this voter’s vote.

    As for those prices, I get a kick out of how he says the peak prices were in the spring of 2005. I guess anyone who bought at those price points is wishing they had waited another year or so……ha ha

  8. mm333 says:

    The Sky Club is great. I live here & I love it. I got SO MUCH for my money when I bought my condo – no need for any renovations, a unobstructed view of the city, and a friendly an helpful staff. I highly recommend it. :)

  9. hobojoe says:

    [quote comment=”74360″] a unobstructed view of the city,

    Yeah, well enjoy it while you can- before you’re surrounded by the inevitable high-rises coming to the neighborhood between yours and the Manhattan skyline. Those “redevelopment zones” are notorious for translating to “how high can we build”. I’m sure you were aware that this was coming when you bought your condo, right?

  10. Journey says:

    Maybe folk buying there don’t know. RE like to tell potential buyers that there is park in the works.

  11. bri777 says:

    [quote comment=”74374″]Maybe folk buying there don’t know. RE like to tell potential buyers that there is park in the works.[/quote]

    Are you implying realtors lie?

  12. Journey says:

    Just reporting what a Realtor told us when we looked at a few units there. Boasted about the future park.

  13. monk says:

    Is this building PILOT’ed?

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