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A Childhood Tale of Success: A Potty-Using Prodigy?

I don’t know how my mom got me to excitedly use the potty at just over a year when I’ve witnessed countless 4 and 5-year-old children in Pull-Ups. Perhaps she was one of those fabulously patient and enthusiastic mommies who made bathroom time fun. Maybe she expressed a contagious thrill about a just-for-me toilet, making me just as thrilled about a just-for-me toilet.

Whatever mom did, she produced a fearless potty goer and toilet humor aficionado. The subjects of pee and poop and burping and farting have really made me laugh over the years. They still do, and it’s really no wonder that I am a fan of South Park.

While mom might be disturbed by my South Park fanaticism, she’d be happy to know that I am proud of her. For it is because of her that I have a string of goofy memories and accomplishments to share with others.

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