Peek inside Eli Manning’s Condo!


We all know Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning lives over in the Hudson Tea Building, but gosh – his 3,000 square foot condo looks pretty nice!

Over at Electronic House – they visited Eli to check out his “automated condo,” stocked with seven flat-screen TV’s and a host of touch-panel control pods to access his library of entertainment.


Eli had his pad done right!

“In Eli Manning’s day job as quarterback for the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, control is an elusive thing. He calls the plays, but blocks can be missed, handoffs can be muffed and 300-pound linemen can disrupt his plans.

Being at home is a much more accommodating experience for the Super Bowl MVP. He and wife Abby have complete control over all their home electronics systems—the motorized shades, the lighting schemes, the multiroom audio, even the stealth motorized pillar that unveils the top-shelf bar selections—at the press of a button.

Total home control, or automation, was Eli’s overwhelming priority when the Mannings recently gutted and renovated their 3,000-square-foot Hoboken, NJ, condo, with spectacular views of Manhattan.

Truth be told, the 27-year-old quarterback isn’t a high-tech guy. He’s also not ostentatious; you won’t be seeing him on Cribs anytime soon.”

Read the rest of the article here – or if you want to just check out his crib – see the Photo Gallery Below (8 PHOTOS):

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10 Comments on "Peek inside Eli Manning’s Condo!"

6 years 10 months ago

[quote comment=”110722″][quote comment=”110718″]You can live ANYWHERE in the area and you decide to live there? Is this a joke or for real?[/quote]

I heard he was going to move into a single-family place on Castle Point, but a quick walk of the block revealed it was filled with corrupt city officials, and cry-baby owners that think the entire street should double as their private parking lot.[/quote]

Ok, so we get it. You don’t like the fact that we have a place to park.

6 years 10 months ago

[quote comment=”110779″]For all his money, I don’t think it’s really that nice.[/quote]
Agreed. The white cabinets with silver knobs can be found in every other “luxury” gut-renovation condo 4 flights up on Monroe Street.

6 years 10 months ago

For all his money, I don’t think it’s really that nice.

6 years 10 months ago

[quote comment=”110639″]Why does their bed look like it should be for one of the seven dwarfs?[/quote]
Because he’s Dopey! :mrgreen:

hoboken hammer
6 years 10 months ago

Man, I butchered that post. Oops.