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11 Responses

  1. Journey says:

    I’ve used this one. They have large washers (good for a big down comforter, etc)

    Freddie’s Loft Laundry and Dry Cleaning

    529 Monroe St. (Corner of 6th and Monroe St.)
    Hoboken, NJ 07030 – Map it

    MON-THU ::: 7am-10pm
    FRI ::: 7am-9pm
    SAT::: 8am-8pm


  2. NickAdams says:

    Can anyone recommend a decent laundry/ dry cleaner that picks up and delivers in Hoboken? I am fed up with my dress shirts coming back with dirt on the cuffs. The guy actually gave me attitude when I pointed put ( for like the 5th time) the dirt on the supposedly clean shirt cuffs. Told me I should send my shirts elsewhere. Between shirts, laundry & dry cleaning, I spend like $250 a month at this place.

  3. NickAdams says:

    No one knows a laundry that does a decent job with shirts?

  4. bunbury says:

    I have always had good luck with Apple Cleaners on Washington near 13th street.

  5. judy says:

    Apple Cleaners isn’t the closest to me, so I usually go elsewhere for routine dry cleaning. However, Apple does a great job with spots and stains so I always take my problem pieces there. I’ve always been satisfied.

  6. NickAdams says:

    I don’t live near Apple….and I am looking for place that picks up and delivers…I used to use Freddy’s but they became very unreliable so I switched and the new place One Stop does a lousy job with the shirts ( they send them out like most places) …plus I called last night for delivery and the phone was busy for almost an hour when I gave up. I went there this morning at 7:50 and the sign says they open at 7:30 but they weren’t…grrrr…..Come on people, I need some recommendations here…all I want is my damn shirts to come back without dirt on the cuffs…

  7. bunbury says:

    If you live in a doorman building Apple does pick up and deliver.

  8. kooky kat says:

    I got some pants back from my dry cleaner, and there’s a funky chemical smell on them. Does this ever happen to anyone else? I think they are actually making me physically ill.

  9. kearlene says:

    Can anyone recommend a place to get a wedding gown cleaned?

    • redmidori says:

      Did you ever find a place for cleaning your gown? I’m in the same boat now. Thanks to anyone who can help.[quote comment=”75800″]Can anyone recommend a place to get a wedding gown cleaned?[/quote]

      • esw7178 says:

        I had my dress cleaned at Ally’s Bridal. She did a great job.
        [quote comment=”213168″]Did you ever find a place for cleaning your gown? I’m in the same boat now. Thanks to anyone who can help.[/quote]

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