Who is Jeff Boss?


It’s quite possible you’ve seen signs like this that have recently been posted around Hoboken:


Well, Guttenberg resident Jeff Boss is apparently running for both U.S. Senate, as well as for President.

As you can see from the Jeff Boss for President website (WRITTEN IN HARD TO READ ALL CAPITAL LETTERS), that he believes the U.S. Government planned and executed the terror attacks on 9/11 to steal “a trillion dollars worth of oil” and to create the Patriot Act (which is unconstitutional).

He also believes the electronic voting machines are hackable, and votes can be changed remotely.

Take a look at the website to see his “platform” and other things, such as the numerous attempts on his life.

Is Jeff Boss a paranoid conspiracy theorist? Or is there any truth to his grandiose claims?


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7 years 3 months ago

I mean, gas was $1.25 before G.W who is from Texas took over, now gas is $3 more expensive..you do the math

7 years 3 months ago

Any relation to KEVIN ?

7 years 3 months ago

Gas was $3.45/gallon in Watchung this last weekend.

oh well okay
7 years 3 months ago

the guy is an ass. so he has knowledge of the govt’s role in 9/11 (not 911 by the way) – yet he is stil alive and breathing? if there was gov’t involvement, this ass would not know about it – and if he did have that knowledge he would have a car crash or drown in a swimming pool.

secondly, hard to trust a site that is rife with grammatical errors. he brought major “companys” public huh? companys?

this is the best though – HALF of the firefighters were nsa operatives they were trying to get… Read more »

7 years 3 months ago

[quote comment=”101263″]I mean, gas was $1.25 before G.W who is from Texas took over, now gas is $3 more expensive..you do the math[/quote]

And Starbucks coffee was $.79/cup when I first became addicited to the cr*p and now it is almost $2/cup. Those frigging Seatle hippies………

Do us all a favor and take some economics classes before you start on your rants.