KinderCare NOT coming to Hoboken

11/12/2008 Update:

“Easy come – easy go” suits this Hoboken411 business update perfectly:


KinderCare pulls out of Hoboken

A Hoboken411 reader tipped me off with this bad news update for hopeful parents looking to get their kids into this popular – and what some say much needed – child care facility over at the Monroe Center at 720 Monroe Street. KinderCare was originally slated to be in operation by this winter – but had a (financial) change of heart.

KinderCare said that their parent company Knowledge Learning Corporation had recently restructured their new center development methods – and as a result of their strategic shift – decided to abandon the Hoboken location.

Parents that pre-paid to be placed on the list for enrollment were informed that their funds were NOT deposited, and any and all checks would be voided and destroyed (unless customers wish to have the checks returned).

While KinderCare does have 10 facilities within 50 miles of Hoboken, they apologized and didn’t rule out the possibility of re-visiting a Hoboken location in the future.

As the reader said: “It seems like even the largest of companies are cutting their capital budgets these days.”

See original (pre-buzz kill) update after the jump…


With many more parents and children deciding to stick around longer in Hoboken these days, it makes perfect sense that a KinderCare Learning Center is coming soon (to the Monroe Center).


KinderCare is the nation’s largest private child care and education provider with more than 200,000 children enrolled across 39 states. They offer programs for children from six weeks to 12 years old. (Six weeks?! What are they? Puppies?)

“The KinderCare Difference is our commitment to your child’s future. With our experienced staff and innovative programs unlike any other, we provide your child with an unsurpassed learning experience. Your child will discover that learning is fun, while making new friends and building strong relationships with teachers who partner with you in your child’s education.”

According to the KinderCare website, they list a Hoboken location as “Coming Winter 2008” in their opening soon section.

Maybe a billion-dollar company such as KinderCare will have better luck than others at the Monroe Center. I learned to take all “news” coming out of that debacle of an operation with a pound of salt. Businesses either take forever to open, or don’t open at all.

Hoboken parents: Are you excited that KinderCare is coming to town? Will you enroll your children in any of their programs?

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Is this a fact, my kid is in Kindercare and it is fabulous, hope they change their mind…


As for the comment “12 weeks what are they puppies?”… if the US wasn’t so stingy on maternity leave they wouldn’t need to offer care for babies so young.


I’m happy to hear that there will be an alternative to some of the more ridiculous options that currently exist. Not sure what the general consensus is, but from my perspective paying $100 just to be added to a waiting list – with no guarantee of placement – is beyond ridiculous.


This is a great idea. I welcome it.

and the doggie daycare idea is not bad either.