Our roads simply suck

It’s sad that some of us consider the crappy state of our city’s roads as “a way of life” or “it’s Hoboken, get used to it.”

Potholes, bumps, sinkholes, and more! Some streets are so bad, they often damage vehicles!

I can drive all around the entire northeast United States, and not really notice the conditions of the roads UNTIL I return back to Hoboken! Even the Pulaski Skyway has been somewhat improved recently!

I’m tired of hearing this “no money in the budget” excuse. There has to be money available to ensure the safety of our residents. What if a traffic light goes out? They have the money for that!

Here’s one REALLY bad pothole on 9th and Hudson Street. It’s over six inches deep now! Not just unsafe for cars, but what about pedestrians? It’s smack dab in the middle of the crosswalk!

What are YOUR trouble spots?