Why does social media matter?

Why does social media matter? {and does it “impact” you?}

Was thinking about this the other day, why does social media matter?

What it boils down to is:

  • people just typing words. Expression of free speech.
  • people get mad at those words, bickering ensues.
  • no in-depth conversation takes place.
  • and beyond that – it’s marketing (products, stores), celebrity and sports.
  • etcetera

This is society today. Literally in a nutshell.

But what should matter to everyone – is how the general societal conversation is being “scrubbed” to sway one way or another. Those that express opinions that are contrary to what “they” would like you to think and feel – get mysteriously hidden or squelched. And this is partly the fault of society for going “all in” with these ridiculous closed networks.

Give it all up for a better life.

why does social media matter

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