A new Hilton Hotel in Hoboken?

Developers vie for waterfront Hilton Hotel in Hoboken

Currently on the radar is a proposed waterfront Hilton Hotel in Hoboken.

KMS Development Partners is spearheading this movement – and has a new website that lays out the details (see below for more…)

Do you think the city should support this development – or just fight it tooth and nail? What would be the benefits? What about the downsides?


Proposed Waterfront Hilton Hotel in Hoboken

KMS Development Partners (KMS), the company behind the proposed plan to build a new Hilton hotel on the US Postal Service property on the south end of Hoboken’s waterfront, announced the launch of their new website www.HobokenWaterfrontHotel.com.

This website provides detailed information about the proposed hotel and gives Hoboken residents the opportunity to learn about the project, ask questions and sign an online petition in support of the redevelopment plan.

KMS is a proven developer who has successfully completed many public/private redevelopments projects throughout the country including in Philadelphia, PA, Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD and New Brunswick, NJ.

The Post Office will be the beneficiary of significant improvements which will enhance its operation and its ability to serve Hoboken residents.

“This redevelopment brings with it a host of significant benefits for Hoboken including $1.6 million a year in new taxes, operational improvements to the Hoboken Post Office including a new underground parking facility, improved pedestrian access to the waterfront, traffic pattern enhancements, new streetscapes and hotel amenities for Hoboken residents,” said Dennis Martin, a Principal with KMS.

“The hotel proposed by KMS will be a great addition to the south waterfront, replacing a bleak view of the rear of the Post Office with a new building and greatly improved streetscape. This is an opportunity the City cannot afford to miss,” added Ron Hine, Executive Director for Fund for a Better Waterfront, a supporter of KMS’ proposed redevelopment.

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