Life “pop-up” store gone

10/21/2008 Update:

The over-priced men’s clothing store “Life” popped up on 14th and Bloomfield – then ducked out, after what appears to have been an unsuccessful attempt at breaking into the Hoboken retail market.

Let’s review what happened:

  1. Sell costly men’s clothing
  2. Pick the slowest time of the year to open and “test” the Hoboken market
  3. Choose a not-so trafficked area
  4. Economy is suffering

Gee, I wonder what went wrong?


See what it looked like back in June after the jump…


Not sure if any of you Hoboken411 readers shop much in Jersey City, but there’s a men’s and women’s clothing shop called “Life” over at 112 Morris Street in our neighboring big brother of a city.

They’ve recently opened up a “pop-up” store at 14th and Bloomfield Streets (previously doomed to – eBay store, Santa Fe Touch). They’re currently testing the Hoboken market for the summer (quite possibly the slowest season of them all), and are considering other locations depending out how this trial works out.

This particular store is “just for men” and carries trendy, casual fashions and accessories. I saw a nice polo shirt, but was a bit out of my current price range at $95 bucks.


I offered my perspective on how to effectively market a street-level store front, some of the problems that already exist, and gave other (what I thought were good) suggestions. Whether they’ll get a bitter taste in their mouth in Hoboken remains to be seen. I wonder who they “consulted” prior to taking the Hoboken plunge in that location.

Have any of you guys (or girls) stopped in there to take a peek at their small sampling of men’s products? What do you think? I heard some “shoppers” last week actually shop-lifted something over on the live Hoboken police and fire scanner, so I guess the stuff might not be so bad!

Personally, I friggin shop at Target, and get great summer shorts for like 14 bucks. Spending over $100 on shorts just isn’t my bag…

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13 Comments on "Life “pop-up” store gone"

7 years 7 months ago

I live pretty much directly above it and have peeked in to check it out…they do have some nice stuff but like you said, it’s a little pricey. That store is not the best location for any store but I have seen WAY more people in there than there was in the Sante Fe place…and WAY more equals about 10-15.

7 years 7 months ago

We live down the block but, again, we’re not interested in spending $100 for a pair of shorts or $50 for a men’s t-shirt. Burlington has decent shorts and tees for $14. if we want to shop nearby.What we need on 14th Street is a little grocery store with fruits and veggies, something like Fresh Picked or Hoboken Farms (Kings has a poor selection of veggies that are not the freshest and are overpriced)–or some other necessity–a bakery, a cheese shop, a stationery and magazine store or something like Kinkos or the Office or Mailboxes, etc, where we can get… Read more »

strand tramp
7 years 7 months ago

no but there is that other store that ships packages around the world at 1/2 the price of UPS. they do all kinds of shipping and receiving services. they have 3-4 locations in town but i know there is one on 14th by Liberty bar…it’s called the U.S. Postal Service. check it out.

7 years 7 months ago

we’re going from one extreme to the other here. from this joke store which sells $70 t-shirts to talk of buying $12 shorts at Target or Burlington. ha! i won’t comment so much on the latter, but you certainly have to be a loser to buy a $95 polo shirt.

7 years 3 months ago

I think if you shop in that store you should be the one who pays the property tax hike.