Hoboken Bike Paths

5/26/2009 Update:

Hey, it looks like one long parking space!

A Hoboken411 reader sent in a few cameraphone pics in of one of the many daily “bike lane blockers” in town. They found this one especially noteworthy because it was blocking a “rare but good parking spot.”


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4/17/2009 Update:

The bike lanes in the back of town were painted yesterday. Shouldn’t a city-wide party be in order?


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3/31/2009 Update:

A Hoboken411 reader sent this picture in and said:

“Here’s a photo from my apartment window taken this evening at 6:30PM of the new bike lanes a.k.a the new double parking lanes on Madison between 3rd and 4th. It’s usually busier with double parked cars and usually with a police cruiser or fire truck double parked on a run into Biggie’s. Good luck to the bike lanes but with the realities of parking in Hoboken and the lack of enforcement for double parking it seems sadly doomed!”


3/30/2009 Update:

Bike lanes coming to town

Ian Sacs, who volunteered to make these new bike paths a reality in Hoboken says:

“This is a fantastic big leap for Hoboken where many streets are as wide as NJ Turnpike lanes and cars zip down them at dangerous speeds. As you know I volunteered with many others such as Juan Melli, Jacob Mason, and more to assist the Traffic and Parking sub-committee members in promoting the idea and preparing a resolution last year. The bike lanes are a “two for one” deal by making a fair portion of our public space (a.k.a. streets) available for bikes to share safely with cars and simultaneously creating a narrower drive lane that has a psychological effect to slow down drivers (their so-called “perceived risk” goes up so they slow down). Can’t wait until the lanes are in place for the entire length of Madison and Grand streets (one-way north and south) giving bikers more incentive to get out on the road safely and maybe encourage some Hobokenites to get out of their cars to make a cross-town trip! Just in time for spring and earth day! cheers!”

(Thanks to Ian and Brett for the photos…)

We need more!

Personally, I believe if these bike lanes were on each and every Hoboken road – that would not only help with the so-called “psychological effects,” but possibly cut back on the “zig-zag” double parkers. Maybe now they’d stick to one side of the street at least?

What do you think of the new bike lanes?

6/28/2008 Update:

This update got lost in the sauce last week.

From Juan Melli:
“I scanned in the bike plan that was proposed tonight by Ian Sacs, who did this as a volunteer. I also wrote up a short post with some information describing the types of lanes used and why they were chosen.”


6/25/2008 Update:

FYI, the meeting is today at the Multi-Service Center. Oh, you also might want to check out this bike advocacy group “Bike Hoboken.”




Many residents have suggested that putting painted bike paths on our roadways would not only increase safety for bicyclists, but for drivers and pedestrians as well.

If you’re interesting in hearing more about it, be sure to come to the (re-scheduled) meeting next Wednesday, June 25th.

What do you think of this initiative?


Bike paths are a good idea

“Hi Hoboken411,
I just wanted to pass this information along in case you wish to post it so that we can possibly generate greater community support for this initiative. Personally, I had no idea that there was a bike path planning meeting in Hoboken or that bike lanes were under consideration. I have excerpted this information from an email that I received from a bike group to which I belong (BTCNJ):”

The Hoboken bike path planning meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday, June 25th at 7:00pm at Hoboken City Hall.

To answer questions about the plan, the whole idea for bike lanes in Hoboken stemmed from excessively wide streets that encouraged speeding. To reduce lane widths and thus vehicle speeds, we are proposing a network of class II and III bicycle lanes crisscrossing the city of Hoboken. The public has not been shown a precise map of where these might go, but we have some ideas from both elected officials and the bicycle community in Hoboken. The city has its own striping equipment, so the cost of doing this would be pretty minimal, and there appears to be support from both the public and elected officials. Based on observations, there is already significant recreational, commuter, and delivery bicycle use in Hoboken. The primary objectives for the meeting on June 25th will be:

  1. Address questions and concerns about installing bicycle lanes and bicycle facilities
  2. Listen to community ideas about which streets might best be suited for bicycle lanes
  3. Hear community ideas for other bicycle improvements (Bicycle Parking, driver education, signage, etc.)
  4. Start wheels turning for a future Bike Master Plan

Would you support this idea?

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287 Comments on "Hoboken Bike Paths"

7 years 7 months ago

With all of the double-parking in town…how’s this going to work? We’ve already got cars swerving into on-coming traffic to avoid double-parked cars on Washington Street so won’t this make it even more dangerous – regardless of speed?

strand tramp
7 years 7 months ago

i agree completely with emarche, this will never work. i ride up Washington street every day. and every day, for the last 10+yrs the main street in town is choked with double parked cars. busses cannot pass. cars cannot pass. the bus stops have cars parked in them. what does the HPD do? collect revenue? keep our streets flowing freely for the benefit of the people that pay their salaries? no. not a thing. zero.

7 years 7 months ago

Unless they were to make a cut-out on Washington for bikes it would not work on the Avenue. However, if you pick one side street in each direction and pait a line in for bikes I think this would work. even with cars parked on both sides there is enough room on most North / South Streets to work this in.

7 years 7 months ago

I ride quite often and have for years. But I would never attempt to ride in Hoboken, it is a death-trap for cyclists. \

Best bet is to go up past the GWB into upstate. Urban riding is just too dangerous.

7 years 7 months ago

I ride every morning and afternoon to the PATH station and I believe that this town would strongly benefit from a dedicated bike lane similar to that of the new 9th Avenue bike lane in NYC. In order to be effective in this town, ie, not be blocked by the delivery staff of restaurants and double parkers. It would have to be physically separated by some sort of median. Since that will never happen, alternatives safe routes must be determined. To best way to ride in this town is to traverse it by its least traveled and widest streets. For… Read more »