Digitally Elsewhere {Part V}

Digitally Elsewhere in Hoboken (part of the {dis}connected series)

Continuing our series about being connected – or as many might also say is actually “dis-connected” with reality. See parts one through three here and Part four here.

The song remains the same (or getting worse)

Here’s another installment of cell phone zombies traversing the Hoboken landscape.

Amazing how the phone is the core component of most kid’s lives.

phones are the center of attention

The phones are definitely the center of attention.

Various stages of engrossment:

It is SO DANGEROUS to peck and swipe a phone while driving in one of the most congested areas of the world. But they do it anyway because THEY are MORE important than you.

on the phone while driving


And lastly – I always like to throw an exception to the rule in for good measure. This fella was truly enjoying the awe-inspiring NYC skyline view on his lunch break. Now that’s more like it!

soaking up the views in Hoboken NJ

In the act of a lost art.

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