9/19/2007 Update:

Article submitted by Jennifer Riggins.

hoboken-shelter-logo2.pngTo this date, the Hoboken Coalition Shelter has served over 1.2 million meals and shelter over 330,000 men and women. This is an accomplishment of the entire community of Hoboken, which is why we’re hoping to include everyone in its 25th anniversary celebration.

The events will mark the milestone of the shelter, as well as specifically commemorate the near 40 years of service one of the shelter’s founders Sister Norberta Hunnewinkel has dedicated to Hoboken.

“We are thrilled to be able to honor Sister’s efforts and remarkable success, and also celebrate 25 amazing years of service,” said Jaclyn Cherubini, executive director of the Hoboken shelter.

Established in 1982, the mission of this shelter is to provide a safe haven to homeless adult men and women. The shelter is owned and operated by Communities of Faith for Housing, Inc., a non-profit housing corporation made up of ministers and laity from houses of worship, as well as several Hoboken community leaders.

The Hoboken Shelter is the only location in Hudson County that offers dinner to its residents and the public seven days a week. It also provides for various counseling services such as case management, counseling, job and life training skills, and creative arts workshops. These support services help the clients develop the skills needed to gain employment, achieve independence, and re-integrate into the community. The shelter is also developing Hoboken’s first Domestic Violence Center.

“When I was homeless and it rained, I used to duck under doorways and I kept being told to move, going from doorway to doorway,” said Kevin, a previous shelter resident who is now on their Board of Trustees. “Because of the people at the shelter, I can stand where I want now.” Kevin has also, since his stay at the shelter over two years ago, remained sober and even begun a Narcotic Anonymous meeting for shelter residents and the public.

shelter-25-anniversary.pngPlease join us in celebration this Sunday Sept. 23 at 3pm for an Inter-Faith Worship service to celebrate our the Hoboken Shelter’s 25th Anniversary. It will be held at St. John the Baptist Lutheran Church on 300 Bloomfield Ave. (enter through church doors on second floor.) This service is coordinated and presented by the shelter’s founders, the Hoboken Clergy Coalition. Friends, family, adults and children are welcome to this FREE event.

Also, please join us at our Silver Anniversary Fundraising Dinner on Thursday Sept. 27 at 7pm at All Saints Episcopal Parish on 7th and Washington. The dinner is $125 a head (tickets may only be purchased or reserved in advance.) Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the shelter’s new permanent housing initiative.

To learn more about how you can support the shelter or to purchase tickets, visit HobokenShelter.org or call 201.656.5069

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9/19/06 Update:

In case anyone is feeling generous this week and would like to help the local shelter out, here is what they have an urgent need for:

- Disposable razors (but not shaving cream). They’ve been out for over a month!
- Shampoo (but not conditioner)

Next trip you make to the market, lend a helping hand to the community. This donation is tax-deductable as well. So get those items on separate receipts if that will help.

They are indicating that they could use these items ASAP.

This message was sent to me from the CEO of Stahl Soap Corp on 1413 Willow Ave. Thanks Ken!

Description – The mission of the Hoboken Shelter, is to assist homeless adult men and women in developing the skills needed to gain employment, achieve independence and re-integrate into the community. Owned and operated by The Communities of Faith for Housing, Inc., a non-profit housing corporation made up of ministers and laity from houses of worship, as well as several Hoboken community leaders, the shelter helps guests achieve these goals. See website for volunteering information.
Services – Soup kitchen, music, creative writing, sketching, prayer, computer, addiction counseling, integrated living program, homeless shelter, to volunteer see web site
Website – www.hobokenshelter.org
Address – 300 Bloomfield St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4809
Telephone – (201) 656-5069